STC-Hub Logo Contest

Design a logo for a chance to win 3000 gems!


I have been trying to find a volunteer to design a logo for STC-Hub since the site went live nearly a year ago. I think it is about time I up the ante. I am offering 3000 gems to the person that submits a winning logo.

This contest will run from now through January 4th 00:00 UTC+0 (when the piggy bank resets.) Please read the rules before entering the contest.

The Rules

By entering and winning this contest, you agree to grant STC-Hub exclusive ownership of the submitted logo in exchange for 3000 gems of Shop Titans in-game currency.

Your entry should be a unique custom work of art, that you alone own, and have the rights to share and distribute. Do not submit copyrighted material of others, or any work that may not be original, or is owned by any other person or entity. By entering this contest you agree that your submission is your own creation and that you are the sole owner of the artwork.

Submitting your entry:

For this contest I will accept up to 10 entries per person. This is not a hard cap, but please do not spam the contest with dozens of entries.

  1. Create a Logo
  2. Publish the logo in a publicly available location (I am not going to create an account or login to any social platform to view your entry.) Possible locations to publish your artwork for the contest include:
    • Imgur,
    • Google Drive,
    • STC discord server’s #stc-hub-logo-contest channel, or
    • any social platform as long as it can be viewed publicly
  3. Submit your entry by filling out the form below with the following info:
    • Your IGN (name and #, ex: nerilea#12345),
    • Discord username or email (I will need to contact you to verify ownership and other details), and
    • the link/url to your logo

Selecting a winner:

I will be the sole judge of the entries, and reserve the right to not select a winner in the event that a suitable logo is not among the entries.

After I select a winner, I will notify you via the method you provided in your entry, to confirm that you agree to transfer ownership of the winning logo to STC-Hub. I will then pass along the IGN provided in your entry to Kabam, so they can transfer the gem reward to your account.

If you do not agree to transfer ownership of the logo to STC-Hub, another winner will be selected.

STC-Hub’s 3000 Gem Logo Contest


This contest will run until January 4th 00:00 UTC+0 (this is when the piggy bank resets.)

Special Thanks

The prize for this contest comes in part from those awesome individuals that have contributed to STC-Hub over the last year. Thank you for your donations!

If you have not yet please consider making a donation to me over on STC-Hub.

All donations are greatly appreciated, and will go towards making STC-Hub a better more helpful place for Shopkeepers everywhere with internet access.


STC Hub Logo Contest: Chimbambu

The vast majority of the entries were of AI generated images. Many other images were clever creations, but just did not work as a logo in my opinion.

This win was well earned by Chimbambu! You can see his submissions and the new STC Hub Logo here.

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