The Enduring Quartorians

Defeating the enemy 1 shield bash at a time

Credit to Zalmor for the name.

One of those rare occasions where the guide is available in both video and text format. They both cover the same information, pick your preferred version :)

Video Guide

Text Guide

With the introduction of the new hero classes in update 14.3 we gained a new hero class for the team that can clear anything – one that can top the immortal quartet of bishops, introducing the Enduring Quartorian:

Ideally skill 3 would be something like Dance of Blades, not Sturdy

We apply the same ideas that we used for the quartet, stacking evasion and defence up as high as we can take it. Although Praetorians don’t have the inbuilt regen that Bishops have (meaning we’re relying solely on Phoenix spirits for our sustain) they have a higher base evasion to work from and access to much better gearing/skill options for this strategy.

Getting to 95% evasion is the first priority (as extreme quests have a 20% penalty this allows us to stay at the cap for it) after which we look for defence and damage. We’re only running at 170 element instead of the 180 required for the 4th tier of their innate – light-affinity options for rogue are lacklustre at the moment and you get better performance (specifically for this build idea only) by just going for 170 and running things like the hunter moccasins.

We want to make sure that our 4 quartorians have enough damage to finish the quest in under 500 rounds – that’s because there’s now a mechanic where after 500 rounds the enemy will one shot your heroes (there were some issues with Terror Tower that made this a necessary addition.)

As shown in the video guide you can see a team of 4 of these defeating the Terror Titan. They function fantastically well in all current content, though care should be taken against certain modifier pairings in Tower of Terror (though they really like facing Hates Rogue cause it does nothing to hinder them :D) and remember to not completely ignore attack now that the game has a round limit mechanic.

Best-in-Slot gear is going to depend on how much evasion you have from your skills basically. If you have enough evasion you don’t need the pieces shown above you can swap the chest for a Wayfarer’s Outfit and look at replacing the shoes with Fairy Sandals.

Spirits will always be 6 phoenix as you have zippo sustain otherwise.

That about covers everything. Go forth and shield bash the enemy repeatedly to death.

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Fun! In terms of compare/contrast with bishops, the other key difference (in addition to higher base evasion) is the silly levels of defence you can easily get with the velites/praetorians. This level of damage mitigation helps balance the lower HP regen they get compared to bishops.

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