The Immortal Quartet

A team that can survive anything

The origins of this idea can be traced back to just shortly after the release of Tower of Titans – Snype created an evasion-based Bishop called Fromage and demonstrated their staying power (so long as you didn’t mind the rest of the team dying.)

Whilst this created a fairly formidable hero at the time it wasn’t something that scaled well as harder content was introduced into the game – Bleakspire peak proved to be difficult for them to manage and the introduction of Extreme difficulty really didn’t help them.

But what if we were to refine the idea a bit? Add some defence in to help mitigate the extra damage we’ll take in Extreme:

And give them some friends to tag along:

What we end up with is a team that just straight up doesn’t lose to anything. We can throw them at whatever quest we feel like, whether that be a Tower of Titans floor with some real hate for spellcasters or an extreme boss and completely ignore the elemental barrier mechanic (it speeds up after the 1 minute 9 second marker when I remember x10 speed exists):

Essentially we preach to the enemy for a few minutes at which point their resolve is broken and they yield all their wonderful treasure to us. There is some room for flexibility in these builds – they’re not using blossoms and there is actually a better skill setup (Blurred Movement/Juggernaut/Dance of Blade/Extra Conditioning) I’m just working with what skills I was able to get.

Aim for the most amount of defensive/evasion skills you can get your hands on – damage is a low priority (none of the heroes in the video have a weapon skill for example.)

It’s a refreshing change from building crit heroes anyway. If you have any questions stick them in the comments below or swing by the Shop Titans discord.


Last Updated: October 11th 2023

This is the current best-in-slot gear set for a quartet bishop.

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Only 1 piece of gear can break per character per run and theres a break chance each round, so I would assume each character breaks something every run. So 4 repairs each run

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