The King’s Caprice Hype!

Oh and Kunai I guess

At last! Fellow Titans rejoice! We have been graced with event that is all about crafting.

What do we know?

Well not a lot just like we didn’t learn much at the reveal for the Tower of Titans, here’s what we know so far:

  • The King’s Caprice (TKC) is a guild-cooperative event like LCoG.
  • The King will request your guild craft certain items. Each time an item is crafted you will earn favour with the King. Favour will allow the guild to progress along a reward track like the one of LCoG which gets you tons of rewards.
  • One reward we can get is a “limited edition” tag. When placed on an item, the customer can be surcharged like normal, then surcharged again for no extra cost !
  • Another reward will be Antique Shards! These shards can be spent in a time-limited Antique Shop where you can buy very old seasonal content (the contents of the shop rotate daily.)
  • The kunai will be available in this shop, this is the only time it has ever appeared outside of the starter pack so I highly recommend tracking this down if you are lacking it.
  • The Antique Shop will sell blueprints, customizations and decorations (source: Kabam Jeremie)
  • You will be able to obtain the platform exclusive blueprints (Owl Staff and Grand Harp) regardless of which one you’re playing on (source: Kabam Jeremie)

There has been no indicators yet as to what happens to players who already have all prior content, I daresay we’ll hear more about that as we get closer to the event (its first run is aiming to be in September.)

As we start learning more about it I’ll create a page for under the events tab and start fleshing it out. It is great to get a guild cooperative crafting event, a fair amount of players have been requesting this for a long time.

A good thing you could start doing in preparation is making sure you have your bins ready and upgraded. Whilst we don’t know exactly what the crafting items will be, we can guess it’ll involve resources so just work on your bins a bit to be sure.

5.0: The return of crafting!

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