King’s Caprice

Forge thousands of weapons and suits of armour with your fellow guild members to keep the despot’s royal guard equipped to handle any rebellion.

Event Details

King’s Caprice is an event where the king will ask guilds to craft items for him. These crafts will earn you favour, which allows the guild to progress along a reward track (similar to the one used in LCoG) which will earn you tons of rewards.


King Reinhold will request 1 premium/chest item and 3 different item classes to be crafted (for example you can see he’s asking for the Bunbun Buckler, any Accessory, any Axe and any Spirit.) Crafting any item from those lines will result in you earning favor – higher tier items will give more favor. You get to keep the requested items to sell afterwards.

Quality affects the amount of favor awarded – higher quality crafts will provide a higher amount of points. Multicrafts will also count twice making them amazing (well, they were already anyway.)

QualityFavor Multiplier

The circle around the items is a timer – after the circle fills/the timer hits 0, the king will request new items for that slot. So long as you have the craft queued before the timer ends you still be awarded points (so in that example, if you had a sword queued and the slot changed to be say spells, you would still get credit for the sword.)

There will be a third tab underneath the crafting section on your bar which indicates what blueprints will currently give favor if crafted


Earning favor advances a guild progression bar and as you pass certain milestones you’ll unlock rewards (similar to how LCoG works.)

I mean it’s literally the same as the LCoG one, as you earn favor the bar fills, at certain amounts you claim points.

MilestoneTotal RequiredPersonal Requirement


The event has 2 rewards that are exclusive to it. The first is the Limited Edition stamp

As the description states the limited edition tag allows you to surcharge a customer twice (so you get double the money and xp.)

Having surcharged the customer once, you can see it’s now offering me the ability to surcharge again

The price as you can see has doubled. You can still refuse the customer if you wish to save your tag (maybe pushed it by accident or something.)

For a bonus round of fun you can also use the stamp to surcharge the king (it will also increase the XP you get from him too!)

Another reward you can get is a currency called antique tokens. These can be spent in the antique shop.

Antique Shop

Picture courtesy of Ilod.

The antique tokens from the event can be spent here to buy content from previous seasonal packs (so long as the pack is at least 6 months old), the price varying depending on the tier of the blueprint. This is also the only method you can use to get the platform-exclusive blueprints.

A list of all blueprints available in the antique shop can be found here.

Note that the slots have limitations as to what can appear:

  • Slot 1 (top left corner) will contain a random blueprint of tier 7 or higher. For newer players, blueprints of Tier 7 will be preferred.
  • Slot 2 (middle slot top row) will only contain blueprints that are tier 6 or lower.
  • Slot 3 (top right corner) will only contain a random Decoration or Decoration skin.
  • Slot 4 (bottom left corner) will contain a random Shopkeeper Customization, Pet or Pet Appearance.
  • Slot 5 (middle slot bottom row) will contain a random Flooring, Wallpaper, Shop Frame (though none currently exist for the latter) or a blueprint (any tier.)
  • Slot 6 (bottom right corner) is only available to Royal Merchants and contain anything from the other slots.
  • You won’t see the blueprints from a premium worker (for example guns) if you don’t own them.
  • You’ll only be offered blueprints up to the highest tier you have crafted+1 (so if you’ve crafted a tier 9 item you’ll see tier 10 and below only.)
  • Accounts younger than 8 months have additional rules which you can read about here under the Antique Store Heading.

If you have everything that can appear in a slot (for example you own all the tier 6 and below prints) one of these will appear instead:

  • Ascension Shards
  • Champion Coins
  • Gems
  • Keys
  • Loot Bugles
  • Moonstones
  • Phoenix Feathers
  • Repair Kits
  • Research Scrolls
  • Runestones
  • Seeds
  • Sigils
  • XP Drinks

The items available for purchase rotate once per day. You can spend some antique tokens to force it to refresh early.

Your antique tokens will carry over between events, you do not need to spend them all.


  • Crafting your highest tier items where possible and then spamming T1’s seems to be a good way forward
  • Dismantle all your low level crafts to reclaim resources back from them, allowing you to continually craft.
  • You can queue up crafts just before the rotation changes if you want to benefit from the points they give.


Malina has created an excellent picture guide to help sum up the event

  • Craft the items requested by the king: golden border requires that specific item, other 3 can be any item in that category.
  • So long as the craft is started you’ll get favor no matter when it ends
  • Favor advances the reward track, 2 new things on it: limited edition stamp, antique tokens
  • Limited edition stamp lets you double-surcharge anyone, including the king
  • Antique tokens can be used to buy old premium blueprints, cosmetics, ascension shards etc


Do we keep our antique tokens after the event?

Yes, your antique tokens are kept and will carry over into future events.

What happens if I change guild?

You lose all of the favour you have earned, similar to how you lose all your gold bars if you change guild during LCoG.

Fun Caprice Facts

The first ever King’s Caprice actually required guilds to obtain double the amount of favor required for the rewards. 1 guild managed to achieve this goal before the requirements were reduced on the third day of the event.