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The Ridiculousness of Rounding

The art of creating money out of thin air.

Have you tried to enchant an item and noticed you get 2 different values depending if you put that enchant on first or second? To give an example, you may have tried to enchant a Mythril Edge and got these results:

A blank mythril edge with no enchants

You can enchant it with a Blaze element and the value will be increased by 350,000.

But if you take a Mythril Edge that already has a tier 9 enchant and try to add Blaze to it.

The Blaze element will now add 375,000 value to the item instead of 350,000 even though it’s the exact same quality.

So by enchanting the Mythril Edge with another tier 9 enchant first we were able to get an extra 25k value from our Blaze element (so when that item is surcharged that’s an extra 50k from nowhere.)

The reason for why this happens is because Shop Titans really loves round numbers, to the point it’s willing to add or subtract gold to get there. Let’s take a look at the values it uses to round:

If the item is worth this much goldit rounds to the nearest

As you can see it starts getting really aggressive after the 1 million marker. Knowing these values we can now understand what is happening in the case of the Mythril Edge:

Mythril Edge is worth 375,000
We add a Shark enchant to increase that by 350,000, giving us a value of 725,000.
We now add a Blaze element, which should add another 350,000 to make it worth 1,075,000.

However at this stage the game interrupts and goes “hang on, after 1 million I only want values that are rounded to the nearest 50k, screw your 1,075 I’m rounding you to the nearest 50” which in this case is 1,100,000, making our Blaze element worth 375,000 instead of 350,000.

Because of this rounding our two tier 9 enchants have added 725k value to the weapon instead of 700k. (so, money out of thin air.) We can use this to our advantage when purchasing/enchanting items by making sure we stick to ones that when rounded past the 1 million boundary will be rounded in our favour (remember this works both ways: an item that would be worth 1,024,000 will be rounded down to 1m, costing us 24k.)

Here is a list of the most common items that you can utilize this trick on and how much you will gain by doing so:

Bonus gold is gained when NORMAL quality item is double-enchanted with Tier 9 & surcharged (ranked by lowest surcharge energy)

Item NameTypeDiscounted
Berserker GauntletsGauntlets77420,000
Drakeskin GlovesGloves77420,000
Stygian PhylacteryAmulet77420,000
Yggdrasil BranchHerbal Medicine77420,000
Berserker ArmorHeavy Armor77810,000
Berserker StompersHeavy Footwear77810,000
Evergreen WandWand81820,000
PlaguewalkersLight Footwear81820,000
Triple CrossbowCrossbow8325,000
Dawnflower RingRing85925,000
Milesian ShieldShield85925,000
Ostara VestClothes86420,000
Gentleman BladeSword8735,000
Hoartooth LanceSpear90025,000
Seafarer BladeSword90025,000
Striped StarMace90025,000
Centurion HelmetHelmet90420,000
Imperial DecreeSpell90420,000
Shoes of StyleLight Footwear90420,000
Smith AttireLight Armor90420,000
Star-Spangled PlateHeavy Armor90420,000
Zesty ScepterStaff90910,000

Please note: All item calculations here must have 1.25x gold milestone to benefit from bonus rounding. Items without the 1.25 milestone should probably be sold on the market

So in future when you’re enchanting your items to sell, think for a moment if you could make them round favourably for you and you’ll get more mileage from your enchants (free money is the best money.)

Advanced Rounding

Whilst the above table and guide explained rounding with tier 9 enchants, it’s possible to take this to another level by creating mixes of tier 7 and 9 enchants. You see, unlike tier 9 enchants not all tier 7 are worth the same value which can allow for some rounding fun which isn’t possible with just tier 9:

Enter the Luxurious Spear. With no enchants it’s worth 750k which will surcharge for 1.5m (no bonus rounding.)

With two tier 9 enchants the value has increased to 1.45m which surcharges for 2.9m (still no bonus rounding.)

But if we use a tier 9 element and then a lizard we get 1.25m for a 2.5m surcharge (normally a lizard would add 130k, in this case it has added 150k for a bonus 20k.)

A tier 9 element and then a horse will also arrive at that value. However, horse usually only adds 125k, so we’re getting a full bonus 25k with this combination.

So as you can see by using a mixture of tier 7 and 9 enchants we can create a full 25k bonus where it would normally not be possible, allowing us to get way more value even from low enchants.

One additional thing that you need to keep in mind also is that the rounding calculations you do should be done using the base value of an item as the 1.25x milestone for an item is already using the rounding rules.

This presents us with a lot of factors to keep track of when deciding what to enchant. Normally this involve a lot of messing around with numbers but fortunately for us this is where Shoruki comes in. He has created an excellent rounding calculator where you can type in the value of your item and it will give you the best possible combinations for enchanting it to take advantage of the free money.

Editor Note: Since the original publication of this article Nerilea has created an enhanced version of the calculator which has more features and contains the most up-to-date items. The link now points to their version instead.

You can find that calculator (and instructions on how to use it) here, I highly recommend using it to save yourself from the madness of mathematics (or don’t, it’s a free world, maybe you really enjoy that kind of thing, we don’t judge.)

So, to summarize:

  • ST uses rounding which gets really aggressive after 1m
  • By using the correct enchants/spirits you can use this to earn free money (buying items/enchants below 2x base value and then using rounding to profit.)
  • Selling enchanted gear will also increase your Net Worth/Merchant level faster (increased value, xp from enchants.)
  • Use the calculator found here to help you figure out the best option.

Go forth and generate free money! And ruin the enchant/spirit market.

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Thank you for this post. I did notice some weirdness when using a mix of T7s and T9s (due to running out of T9s, not because I’m especially experimental). This clarifies things above and beyond what I knew about double-enchanted T9s. Also thanks to Shoruki for the fantastic cheat sheet/calculator.

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