The Totally Balanced Hero™ 2

Green is good

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That build still works great by the way, just replace the pieces that have new tier 10 options now (like the gun.)

Since the last Totally Balanced Hero, we’ve had the introduction of blossoms:

Which were a nice surprise, allowing us to pump our heroes full of even more seeds. And as expected, the packs kept coming:

And coming

And coming

Which when combined, brings us to the next Totally Balanced Hero™:

The introduction of the Cloudwalker and Republic pieces has allowed Green-Type heroes to access a lot more health than they used to. They also bring with them a lot of armor – as you can see in the picture we’re at the 50% def cap for the content currently available and the best part is we didn’t have to nerf our damage to achieve this.

At maximum power the Dancer/Acrobat innate skill grants 100% critical damage. Added to the base amount we have a crit multiplier of x4, so on every dodge they will do just shy of 70k damage1. This allows us a chance to still end fights quickly, meaning we lower the time window for random crits from the enemy to ruin our fun and potentially keep break chances down.

We’re still running a full compliment of Lizard spirits – as touched on before in places like our discord, Lizard is the main thing to use on any hero which has a reasonable evasion stat. The staying power this one spirit can give is pretty impressive.

This build will also work without the use of a Titan Soul – whilst in this example I’ve promoted it to Acrobat to show the build at its best stats, you can still do all the same crazy soloing stuff with just a Dancer.

Usually I’d conclude the article with a fight versus Delta Titan, but this time we’ve gone further: the video below first shows it soloing LCoG on difficulty 12, and then for a bonus round soloing the LCoG 12 keybearer (which is a tougher fight than the Delta Titan and is currently the hardest fight available.)

Note: Generally you shouldn’t solo LCoG because you get less gold bars but if you felt so inclined this is the one of the best ways to do it at the moment.

  1. or “lots”

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