The Totally Balanced Hero™

Taking bets on how long before it gets nerfed

You can skip to the hero section if you don’t want a fluff intro.

In the beginning

It was a dark and cold time. The idea of heroes being able to solo a dungeon was largely relegated to hoping they would crit at the right moment.

The Tower arrives

One day in June the Tower of Titans appeared and brought with it the Titan Soul. With this immense source of power a new way forward was created: blue type heroes were able to become tanky enough to outlast any fight, removing the reliance of crit needed.

The wrath of Kabam

Seeing their hard work being destroyed by solo heroes who could have a 100% win rate did not sit well with Kabam. They retaliated with the infamous patch 4.3, striking down mastery, gear buffing and blue-specific atk/def skills (I mean to be fair mastery secondary buffing shouldn’t have ever been a thing.) This hurt a lot of builds but there were classes that could still power on through.

The Sunken Temple surfaces

And it’s guarded by enemies most cruel and vicious (look just cause they look like baby monsters doesn’t mean they might not be dangerous.) A new approach was called for, a hero in these times who could laugh at their attempts to stop him plundering their homes.

Enter Chrisgo and the Totally Balanced Hero

Chrisgo in all his purple glory
Totally Balanced Hero™

By creating a fusion of the tankyness of a Red-type and the evasion of a Green-type Chrisgo has created a hero which is capable of soloing every piece of content the game has to offer at the minute.

What sets him apart from your standard green evasion affair is his ability to tank hits and still keep on trucking – it is able to cover the one downside green heroes tend to have without making any sacrifices. It runs a full compliment of Lizard spirits so it can recover quickly whenever it fails to dodge (Lizard is basically OP on evasion characters and is currently the meta spirit of choice.)

There’s room for slight variation on the gear choices – you can choose to run a Centurion Helmet over Warlord, and in some scenarios you might prefer the Valedictorian Ring. Not a lot of room on the skill choices though as you need to hit 75% evasion.

The end result can pull off crazy stuff like this:

We heavily suspect this’ll be nerfed but until then enjoy soloing everything.

11 replies on “The Totally Balanced Hero™”

Absolutely love it :D
What skills would you recommend if you only got 3?
Max level currently is 29, got already the golden evasion and golden marksman… on slot 2 is the +60% def/50% survive deadly blow.
Evasion is at 65%

Hi there. At level 29 I would aim for Throw Daggers – it’ll provide a higher win rate as it’ll bring you to the evasion cap.

I dont have any rangers, but I DO have like 6 berserkers. Since their innate skill grants them up to 30% eva, could I do this with them? They can be every bit as tanky as a warden, but eith way more potential evasion. As long as the gear was strong enough, I figure lizard everything up, get their eva to like 55 with skills, and if its not enough, they’ll gain the evasion they need as they need it, fluxuating between yellow and green health. Any reason this wouldn’t work?

The third skill is gold in the picture, but a WArden can only get a bronze version of the evasion skill. how did you do that?

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