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Page Last Updated: 2nd March 2024

This page contains links and images which summarize the academia – they’re aimed at players who just want to know what’s the best item to equip or what skills to look for on their heroes without needing much explanation as to why they’re the best.

Special thanks and credit to Azuris and Nerilea for their contributions.


Check out the Best in Slot gear on STC-Hub / BiS heroes.

What to do if your weapon skill does not match the Best in Slot list.

Affinity and DI power spreadsheet

If you’re looking for lower tier Best in Slot gear suggestions use the Leveling Hero Gear page.

Text List of all items on the Best-in-Slot page (click this to expand)

Item NameItem TypeTier
Bleakspire CharmAmulet13
Fairy WreathAmulet12
Dragon Emperor's CloakCloak13
Business SuitClothes13
Gothita Frock CoatClothes13
Somnus BoltcasterCrossbow13
The Final DeathDagger13
Eversweet CornucopiaDessert12
Dragonfang FistsGauntlets13
Power GauntletGauntlets13
Camper's CompassGloves13
Dawn Thief's TouchGloves12
Gloves of RhythmGloves12
Particle Beam RifleGun13
Sonic TrumpeteerGun13
CM-73 Armor FrameHeavy Armor13
Titan Plate ArmorHeavy Armor13
Titan BootsHeavy Footwear13
CM-73 VisorHelmet13
Creature's ChitinHelmet13
Taishōgun KabutoHelmet13
Premium Brand JamHerbal Medicine12
Sandman's PouchHerbal Medicine13
Desperado OutfitLight Armor12
Garbs of MorpheusLight Armor13
Sky Pirate OutfitLight Armor5
Wayfinder's OutfitLight Armor13
Wildhunt LeathersLight Armor13
Magician's HatMagician Hat13
Phoenix CrestMagician Hat12
Sakura EboshiMagician Hat12
Tiara of TidesMagician Hat13
Crispy Roast DuckMeal13
Teatime SnackMeal13
Fragrant MoisturizerPotion13
Maple Ration MiniRing12
Hazmat MaskRogue Hat13
Wereboar's HoodRogue Hat13
CM-73 ShieldShield13
Dragon Sacred GemShield12
Radical WaveriderShield13
Dawn Thief's PathShoes12
Deluxe Flip-FlopsShoes13
Desperado SpursShoes12
Dire KavkivakSpear13
Darkness MilleniumSpell13
Sealed HurricaneSpell13
Tales of YuleSpell13
Gravity ControllerStaff13
Yule's HeraldStaff13
Thorn of ScornSword12
Zeus ThunderbladeSword13


Hero Tracker

Drakeonfire has created an excellent tool which you can use to keep a track of all your heroes in one easy to manage location as well get an evaluation of their skills (uses the information posted in the below skill rolling section.)

You can access that tool by clicking this link.

Roster Building

Chimbambu’s Role Summary

Advice on choosing classes for elemental barriers

Below you can find some example rosters to get you started on your hero rolling journey along with some examples of how each class can be built effectively.

With halfway decent skills and gear, that sample roster can clear most content without breaking a sweat. If you follow that roster, you will have three heroes per element, meaning you can tackle most content with elemental barriers.

It is very easy to set up with minimal investment required. Notice that most classes on that list are pretty easy to build and don’t require a promotion to work. There are also no T7s or classes that are particularly tricky to skill. No Champions are included in the team.

These things are all very intentional. It means that if you follow the sample roster, you’ll have a rock solid foundation to help you move towards later in the game. The teams are also three characters each which means you can easily slot in whatever Champion you want if there’s a gap you need to fill.

Skill Rolling



Elemental barrier type for each zone