Tower of Titans Hype

…and pets I guess

The leak of all leaks is here fellow titans! The potential end game content for our jacked up heroes has finally been teased. Enter the Tower of Titans –

Tower of Titans woot!

This picture is currently the only visual glimpse into the tower that we have. It was also said that this is most likely NOT the final look, as this was simply a mock up by Kabam’s UX design team.

What do we know?

Almost nothing, but these are the ‘hard facts’ we can assume to be mostly accurate as they came directly from the developers themselves:

  • Tower of Titans (ToT) is a single player event
    • Time limited and revolving, alternating with LCOG
    • Every other month essentially
  • You will climb a tower, clearing various floors, containing various modifiers
    • We have no real description around this other than the noted “Magic Resistant” from the picture
    • “Has a grudge” could also potentially be a modifier of some kind
    • We have no idea how many floors
    • We have no idea what the fights/enemies look like
  • The final boss is labeled a “Titan”, which is a hero selected from the roster of a player who has already cleared the tower!
    • If you happen to be patient zero and reach the top first, you will instead fight the virtual version of Kabam Chuck
  • Rewards for completion are unknown, but the word “new” was thrown around
  • Developers hinted that ToT may breathe new life into older hero tiers, so dust off those Soldiers!

Thats it, that is all we know for sure. Now lets speculate!

What could all this mean?

Again, the following is all speculation on my part, but thats the fun of hype right?!

I believe Tower of Titans will be a new bi-monthly event that lasts a weekend, where you will have the duration to climb X number of floors to reach a final reward, while obtaining rewards along the way.

We will face modified versions of existing enemies and bosses:

  • We know Magic Resistant is one possibility
  • I would assume Physical Resistant is likely
  • Possibly gear limits?
  • Possibly Power rating limits?
  • Any other limits on level/stat/etc?

I suppose the point is we can not rule anything out yet, but thats the most exciting part as the sky is the limit!

The ending of the tower has us fighting a “powered up version” of a hero from a previous ToT finisher. What Powered Up means is up for interpretation, but probably needed because your team of heroes will be fighting 1 hero.

“But what if you have to fight a 75% evasion dancer?!”

That will suck, super hard, but maybe they are changing combat mechanics itself for this new event? We simply do not know yet sadly, and you could very well get stuck with an incredibly hard final boss!

Can I do anything to prepare?

Yes! we should definitely start preparing for this content. Why not right? We have advanced notice of a huge new event, and ample time to prepare, it only makes sense to attempt to get ahead of it.

The current suggestions are as follows (updated as we learn more over the coming weeks!):

  • Vary your roster to include all hero types, and potentially more classes
    • We can make an educated guess that resistances are coming, and you do not want to toss a team of tanks at a physical resistant enemy
    • We were dropped a hint from the devs that older tiers may become relevant again, so maybe hire something in every tier if you want
  • Start grooming your heroes gear, make sure its all flawless or better, enchant it properly, and snag any affordable epics
  • Begin focusing on synergy and team building
    • This event is hopefully going to be pretty tough, and those solo power house Dancers and Ninjas may not work as well in a team as is
    • Think about what the champion leader skills do and how they could enhance your existing heroes
    • We do not know the team size, but I would assume 5 to match LCOGs, at least until we learn more

Other things to look forward to

Pets were announced too, although my excitement for them is relatively low. They are a shopkeeper accessory that will provide an energy bonus of some kind, and be customization, potentially for Prestige score.

Things we know:

  • You can select a Cat or a Dog to start, every player gets their first pet free and immediately
  • More pet types to come, purchasable with gold and/or gems
  • They will roam your shop, and accompany you to other players shops to help you clean and whatnot
  • You can feed them, unknown as to how or why
  • You will be able to level them up, unknown as to how or why

Thats it.

I have to say, I was hoping pets would be quest companions with special bonuses, kind of like champion leader skills. I’ll still hold out hope that maybe one day that comes true! In the meantime, I can feed and pet my virtual dog I suppose


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