Tower of Titans

Event Details

Tower of Titans is a long series of quests to challenge player’s rosters, in the form of floors within a tower. This event is for the player themselves, and guilds will not be assisting or sharing progress.

The event is scheduled to happen monthly, although this may change, and it is designed to alternate with Lost City of Gold. It is 96 hours long, beginning on Fridays at 15:00 UTC.
The rewards (detailed below), contain unique and familiar items throughout the event, and are awarded upon completion of floors.

Gameplay and Mechanics

All known quest data for every floor is located -> here <-

There are 6 difficulties for the tower – you are able to pick which difficulty you wish to challenge so long as you have the minimum merchant level required for it. Each step up in difficultly is accompanied with better rewards than the previous:

Tower DifficultyMin Level

You begin at floor 1, and are allowed 4 participants per fight. You can only send a team to 1 floor at a time.

Quest time is 1 hour, rest time is 2 hours.
There are a total of 30 floors.

Every 3rd floor you will encounter a boss fight. These bosses carry with them modifiers that either enhance themselves, or hinder your teams abilities.

If your hero’s power rating is red it means it is being debuffed by one of the boss’s modifiers

Quest items, such as a power booster, are usable the same as on any other quest, although loot bugles are not able to be used as there are no components for it to affect.

Enemy Modifiers

Modifiers are randomly assigned every time the event rolls around, and every player sees the same modifiers within the Towers. The different Towers do NOT share the same modifiers, and are randomized separately.

NameDescriptionActual Effect
Hates FightersMore likely to attack fightersRed type heroes have increased threat
Can OpenerMore likely to attack Fighters. Ignores some of their Defense, tooRed type heroes have increased threat, and -30% DEF
Hates RoguesMore likely to attack roguesGreen type heroes have increased threat
Rat CatcherMore likely to attack Rogues. Ignores some of their Evasion, tooGreen type heroes have increased threat, and have decreased EVA
Hates SpellcastersMore likely to attack spellcastersBlue type heroes have increased threat
Magic DevourerMore likely to attack Spellcasters. Takes less damage from them, tooBlue type heroes have increased threat and do 20% less damage
Magic ResistantTakes less damage from spellcastersBlue type heroes deal 50% less damage
Stone SkinnedTakes less damage from Fighters and RoguesRed and Green type heroes deal 30% less damage
PowerfulBonuses to all statsEnemy has bonus stats, likely increased HP/ATK/EVA
MythicalGreat bonuses to all statsEnemy has +40% HP, more damage, and a small EVA chance
SwiftFirst attack deals double damageEnemies first hit, AoE included, deals 2x damage
Lightning FastFirst attack deals double damage and is more likely to be a Critical HitEnemy has 2x damage, and higher CR on first attack
FortifiedLess likely to receive Critical HitsAll heroes have less CR
No WeaknessMuch less likely to receive Critical HitsAll heroes have less CR
ArmoredTakes less damage, especially from Critical HitsEnemy takes 10% less damage, and 25% less damage from crits
Armored & PlatedTakes much less, especially from Critical HitsEnemy takes 20% less damage, and 50% less damage from crits
Eagled-EyedHas an easier time hitting evasive targetsAll heroes have less evasion
SniperCan easily hit evasive targetsAll heroes really have less evasion
SlayerLands Critical Hits more oftenEnemy has increased CR
BloodthirstyLands Critical Hits much more oftenEnemy has greatly increased CR
DeadlyStronger and slightly more frequent Critical HitsLikely twice as many crits from the boss, and enemy CD is doubled
AssassinMuch stronger and slightly more frequent Critical HitsLikely thrice as many crits from the boss, and enemy CD is tripled
SlipperyHas a chance to avoid attacksEnemy has increased evasion
ElusiveHas a good chance to avoid attacks.Enemy has evasion
VigorousHas extra HPEnemy has 50% more HP
Super ToughHas tons of HPEnemy has 75% more HP
MassiveMore likely to use group attacks. They're stronger, too.More frequent area o effect attacks that hit harder.
Absolute UnitMuch more likely to use group attacks. They're much stronger, tooSignificant increase to number of AoEs used, they also do 50% more damage each
AmbusherAttacks can't miss on the first 3 roundsHeroes have 0% evasion for the first 3 rounds
DestroyerMore likely to break equipmentIncreased break chance

The Final Floor

The final floor contains a boss fight with no modifiers, but incredibly beefy stats. These stats are influenced by which tower difficulty you are in, but are not influenced at all by the appearance of the boss.

If you are the first player to reach the top of the difficulty tower you are challenging, you will fight Kabam Chuck!

If you are not the first, then you will instead fight a hero from the roster of a player who has already cleared the Tower.

Again, the appearance of the boss is purely cosmetic, and the stats of the actual hero the boss appears to look like, have no effect.


Common event rewards are present on many boss floors, such as:

  • Ascension Shards
  • Research Scrolls
  • Champion Coins
  • Keys
  • Gems

In addition, floors all drop gear and other common quest drops as well.

Unique to Tower rewards

Skill Reroll Dice

  • The number on these dice correspond to hero skill slots that it can reroll:
    • Basic Skill Die –
      • Can reroll the skill in the hero’s first skill slot
    • Super Skill Die –
      • Can reroll the skill in the hero’s second skill slot or first skill slot
    • Mega Skill Die –
      • Can reroll the skill in the hero’s third skill slot, second skill slot, or first skill slot
    • Perfect Skill Die –
      • Can reroll any skill slot
  • The level of dice you receive is based on the difficulty you complete the floor on. Easiest difficulty rewards I tier, and hardest IV tier
  • These dice do nothing to improve the chance of rolling rare/epic skills! They simply replace the gem cost.

Titan’s Soul

Awarded upon completion of the Tower
Single use item that promotes any hero to their new titan-exclusive class. Further info can be found within Hero Academia located here