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Trivia Contest

Here’s a chance to win 2,000 gems!

Disclaimer: Massive thanks to Kabam for providing the prize for this contest (and extra thanks to Kabam Tulip.)

If you’ve ever been on the discord for this site (you can join it here) or the official discord (which can be found here) you’ve likely seen Turpy’s Trivia Trials, where each day (when she doesn’t forget anyway) a random question is asked about the game.

Using the trivia idea as a basis and as a thank you to all of our readers we’re doing a special trivia where you can win 2000 gems. To enter, you must answer the following 3 questions correctly:

Question 1: If knight gauntlets would be worn during the night, what item would be worn during the day?
Question 2: Which superior pack did not have themed flooring?
Question 3: What’s the name of the ST Central pack review series?

Click this to submit your answers.

This contest will run until 00:00 utc+0 Tuesday 3rd November (that’s when the piggy bank resets.) At that time all entrants who correctly answered the 3 questions will be entered into a draw and the winner will have their name passed to Kabam who’ll organise delivery of your prize.

One entry per person only please – you will be disqualified if you are found to have entered more than once. Please also make sure to include your in-game name and id number, and really make sure it’s spelt correctly.

Good luck!

2 replies on “Trivia Contest”

Hi there.

The answers were
1) Sungrasp Gauntlets
2) July 4th Superior
3) Impackt.

1) The description for the Knight Gauntlets mentioned being slightly cheaper than the day gauntlets. If you check the description text for Sungrasp Gauntlets, it says “also known as the day gauntlets.” I accepted Day Gauntlets as a valid answer too.

2) This could be found by checking the premium pack page – July 4th is the only one that doesn’t have any themed flooring listed in its description.

3) This was found by checking the blog, or the discord we have, or official discord, or reddit, etc they get posted in a lot of places :P

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