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Turpy’s Trivia Giveaway!

Yes, another chance to win some gems

For those of you who have visited us or the official Shop Titans discord12 you may be aware of the Trivia Trials that are ran by Turpy (for those who aren’t familiar, she asks a series of question each month based on facts from the game. It’s quite a fun thing, do recommend.)

This month she’ll be marking the 1 year anniversary of the trials and to celebrate will be giving away a prize of 1000 gems to one lucky player! If you wish to be in with a chance to win this prize, all you need to do is respond to this post and leave your in-game and # number.

The contest will run until the 29th August at which point a winner will be chosen at random from the entries below. One entry per player only – duplicates will be disqualified.

Please ensure your player name and # number are accurate – people have missed out on prizes in the past due to having submitted an incorrect name.

Good luck!

  1. if you haven’t yet, do join us. We don’t bite*
  2. * = no promises

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