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Spam crafting enchantments may just be the true end game profit engine.

“Lat… haven’t you always said it is not worth it to craft enchants?”

– Everybody probably

Yeah, it’s true, I do say that. However, after reaching a level of progress unique to the guild I am in, it has become clear that super late game the margins begin to shift!

We currently have common resources regenerating at 17/min, uncommon at 4.7/min, and rare at 0.9/min. These are further boosted by our always running Resource Boost.

On top of that, we have hit level 18 on many worker buildings, allowing for level 37 workers. This puts the workers in at 54% craft time reduction each, on top of our always running 25% Craft Boost.

These stats allow us to refill resources fast enough to craft 18 enchants an hour, at 28m and 33s each! In theory, this means with 10+ craft slots you wouldn’t even be able to rush your crafts faster than your resources would regenerate!

That is assuming all craft slots always spinning with enchants, which isn’t exactly probable, so let’s back up a bit and spread the data out –

ItemCrafts p/hourMargin p/hour
Chiseled Runestone15.5N/A for precraft
Tempest Element9.65m~
Bear Spirit9.65.5m~
Common Resources1817/min regen
Uncommon Resources174.7/min regen
Rare Resources170.9/min regen
Workers18-54% Craft time

The item stats are not assuming multicraft, but let’s do that now.

9.6 Elements and 9.6 Spirits crafted per hour with perfectly timed refilling of craft slots. Let’s assume we are not robots and might look away from the screen every so often, missing those .6 crafts…

18 enchants per hour, along with 15.5 runestone precrafts. With 10% multicraft from an ascended runestone, it is a safe bet we will likely get the 18 an hour we need to cover the enchantments. These also drop from Castle quests quite often, or pop out of chests.

With 25 stars in element and/or spirit ascension trees (including the enchant you are crafting), you are looking at 20% multicraft chance on top of the existing 5m+ per hour margin!

Normal items cap at 15% multicraft via ascensions, and with the same resource regen speed, you simply cannot craft as many per hour as you can the low resource cost enchants. This causes more multicrafts simply from a higher sample size, as well as a 5% boost from the extra ascension milestone.

For crafting enchants to outperform the profits of crafting items, current bleeding edge end game achievements are required

To start, these are the breakpoints required for this to summit crafting items profits –

  • Common resource buildings level 18+
  • Uncommon resource buildings level 17+
  • Rare resource buildings level 17+
  • Temple and Wizard Tower level 18+
  • Level 5 Resource Boost
  • 4-5k+ maximum energy
  • 11 or 12 craft slots
  • Mastered and Ascended to at least the second multicraft milestone for Elements and Spirits
  • Level 5 Craft Boost

Pretty substantial cost of entry! My guild has only recently hit most of these, and I personally have only broken into 4k+ max consistent energy last week.

A few of the requirements are not set in stone. For example, you could pull this off with slightly less profit per hour with less of a craft boost, less energy overall, and varying building levels. What the requirements above ensure is that you are definitely crafting more enchants than items due to speed, you do not have to rush crafts because of the craft speed, and you are able to quickly push items out the door with your high energy.

In short, before you reach these thresholds, it probably makes more sense to craft items instead.

“Ok Lat, If I just craft a bunch of enchants, and I’m not crafting items, what the hell do I sell?”

Not actually a direct quote, but it sure sounds like it right?

We still have all the classic bottlenecks, particularly on Rare resources (jewel/ether). Saving the long drawn out analysis, these are you 4 items –

  • Iron – Lux Daggers
  • Wood and Jewel – Bear Spirits
  • Leather and Ether – Tempest Elements
  • Herb and also Ether – Chiseled Runestones

Yes two things use Ether, but fully ascended the runestone only needs 2 Ether, which is entirely balance-able between it and Tempest Element.

You could also juggle in an iron based Spirit in tandem with Bear Spirits, but that would be silly when Lux Dagger is like RIGHT THERE, not asking for rare resources.

This rollout will produce roughly 15m margin per hour, with zero multicrafts. To compare, the current rollout of Lux Dagger + Ursa + Harvester + Lux Herb brings in roughly 17-19m margin per hour pending on Artifact cost.

The reason enchants pull ahead is threefold –

  • Multicraft chance is 5% higher, and you are making 20-33% more enchants per hour than items
  • To sell these enchants you will need to buy items from the market to enchant, which are generally always profitable by 100-200k each, adding to margin
  • Quality procs on enchantments are incredibly valuable, and almost instantly sell when posted

You will make up the 2-4m variance with 1 flawless proc…

In conclusion, I am now crafting enchants.

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