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Upcoming Dev Q&A 3

A chance to ask the questions you really want answers to

It’s time for another round of ask the developers (you can find the previous ones we did here and here.) Maybe you want to know how many hamsters they went through on the cross-connect launch, how many Rudo clones would you need to stack on top of each other to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps you want to know about any future plans they have.

As with the previous times, please fill in the form below with your player ID (so name and # number) as well as what question(s) you would like to ask Kabam. They can be about anything to do with Shop Titans or the dev team behind it – I ask only that you please keep your questions civil (read: I won’t be asking any questions that are laden with profanity.)

Once the Q&A has been done I’ll make a new post covering everything. Watch this space :P .

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