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Update 10.0 Overview

Well, the part I can talk about

Author note: As part of the Content Creator program I was given the chance to preview the update before it went live which is where the below image was taken from.

The fusion time is from a character with max level workers and a max guild craft speed boost.

Dragon Invasion

is not going to be covered in-depth here in this overview I’m afraid. Kabam have asked us to withhold going into the specifics (as in milestones, reward track, point calculation etc) until closer to the event time – my Dragon Invasion guide is currently due to be posted on:

Monday, 27th June

There is a small chance that might be changed to be earlier – keep yourself informed by joining the STC discord or be on a server which follows it. I mean it’ll appear here as a post of course too so you could just check back every day, whatever works for you :P

That said, I can talk about it in general so to clarify a few questions I’ve seen asked since the notes were revealed (patch notes did a pretty good “this is what Dragon Invasion is” job):

  • Each member gets their own troops to gear up each day.
  • It uses gear from your inventory.
  • Locked items won’t appear so you don’t have to worry about using something you didn’t mean to.
  • Items that are used count as a sale – they advance relevant tasks, grant merchant xp etc.

Repair Kit Fusion

There’s a new fusion recipe that allows you to make repair kits.

This is a pretty cool addition – it has been requested for a fair while now by players. For F2P it provides a new source of repair kits (albeit have to wait for the full moon), for paid players you can save on repair costs of T12 legendary gear – the combined cost of the components to make one is a lot less than the repair price of a double-enchanted T12 legendary even with the full 50% reduction bonus from royal merchant.

That about covers it. Go forth and fuse etc. Sorry I can’t talk much about Dragon Invasion today but hey it gives you something to look forward to.

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