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Update 11.0 Overview

Your guide to the gameplay changes in 11.0

Author note: As part of the Content Creator Program we were given the chance to preview the update before it went live which is where the below images and video were taken.


This article covers the features and changes 11.0 has brought to the game. Use the table of contents to skip to whatever you’re most interested in or settle down for a read.


The main headline feature of this update is the introduction of cooking (has been requested a fair few times over the years.)

Meals & Tutu Mano – The Cook

Meals are the one of the two new blueprint lines added to the game in this update. They are available to all players who have hired Tutu Mano (she requires merchant level 40 to unlock with gold and your Herbalist ( building must be at least level 7 for her to show up.)

We’ve ran out of space so we’re taking over the water now. The Restaurant is a tier 1 building.

In terms of crafting cost their main resources are Herbs/Oil/Ether (alas, no new resources still. Was kind of hoping for wheat or something to mix things up.)

In terms of stats meals are like herbal medicines – they always have a dual-stat, though in this case their stat pairing is Attack and Defence.

Additional meal blueprints will be added over time to the places you normally get new baseline blueprints (so LCoG, Seasonal Packs, Chests, Content Passes etc.)

Heroes that can equip Meals:


  • Soldier – Slot 5
  • Barbarian – Slot 6
  • Ranger – Slot 5
  • Samurai – Slot 6


  • Musketeer – Slot 5
  • Wanderer – Slot 5
  • Ninja – Slot 6


  • Druid – Slot 3 and Slot 4 (the innate of Archdruid has been buffed to include meals as well.)

Desserts and Kaipo – The Baker

Kaipo the baker is the latest premium worker. He requires you to be level 21 to unlock.

He’s quarter-merman (his grandmother Tutu Mano banged a merman. Don’t believe us? Ask Kabam Jeremie.)
The Bonbon Bakery is a Tier 1 Building

His special effect reduces the minimum spawn time for King Reinhold from 24 hours to 12 hours (this update also includes a small change to his odds – they have been increased so he is more reliable at spawning. Specific mechanic can be found on the A Royal Visitor page.)

Additional Note: this special effect will be adjusted in future. They aim to keep it as close to this current effect as they can, just more tweaks to make it easier for players to see double Reinhold per day.

Desserts are the other blueprint line introduced in this update.

As with meals the main resources used are Herbs/Oil/Ether (a fun overlap for those players trying to rush both workers on day 1.)

In terms of stats Desserts should be considered as a premium version of the potion line – they give flat health like potions do just in a bigger amount (cause it’d suck otherwise.)

Additional dessert blueprints will be added over time to the places you normally get new premium blueprints (so LCoG, Superior Packs.)

Heroes that can equip Desserts:


  • Barbarian – Slot 5
  • Berserker – Slot 6


  • Monk – Slot 3
  • Wanderer – Slot 6


  • Sorcerer – Slot 3 (fun fact: this was going to be slot 6 until Rei pointed out that might not be the best idea.)
  • Geomancer – Slot 6

Special Food Rules

These rules apply to both Meals and Desserts.

I’m Hungry!

So long as you have a food item on display in your store there’s a chance (10% at the time of writing this) that after a purchasing an item a customer will ask to buy some food as well.

Figured a video would be better than pictures for showing the mechanic

This mechanic also applies to the King.

King variation notes:

  • Much like with his item, the moment he spawns he already knows what meal/dessert he’ll be asking for if it triggers.
  • If there are no quality food items on display he is able to pick a common one so as to not deny you the sale.
  • You can use limited edition tokens on both items you sell him.

Fresh out of the oven!

If you a claim a food craft shortly after it completes it will be considered fresh!

Any food item claimed whilst fresh will get a free spirit enchant on it (called Fresh Spirit cause we’re scraping the barrel on naming creativity.) Any food brought to you by Kaipo/Tutu will also have this enchant on them.

The Fresh Spirit reduces the cost of surcharging that food item by 10% and also grants 10% rest reduction time if the food is equipped to a hero (note: like with Mundra’s spirit it’s exclusive to specific items, in this case any meal/dessert.) You can remove the spirit so you can swap in other ones if you wish.

As you may expect items with Fresh Spirits on them cannot be sold on the market, you need to destroy the spirit first (also applies for using them as precraft material but that should hopefully be changed by the time this is live.)

Time to claim a craft before it’s no longer considered fresh is 5 minutes or 10% of the crafting time, whichever value is higher.

Pet Food

It’s the most dramatic and exciting change you could ever imagine for Shop Titans – now you only have to feed your pet once a day! You can either feed them with the free food or you can use any of the meals and desserts to get more xp. You can buy from the market as well if you’re not up to crafting your own but don’t want to use the basic free stuff.

Dragon Invasion

In other way less exciting/important news Dragon Invasion has been trimmed down to be less intensive.

  • You get 20 hours to prepare your troops/heroes instead of 12 (assault phase was reduced to only being 4 hours.)
  • Heroes sent on the ship only have a 4 hour rest time now instead of a whole day.
  • The event only runs for 5 days now instead of 7 and the milestones were changed accordingly (new milestone data can be found in the appendix.)

Dice Fusion

An incredibly awesome and welcome addition to the game – we can now fuse the basic skill die. This opens the door to rerolling hero skills without having to pay silly amounts of gems and also means perfect moonstones have an actual purpose outside of the rare times you fuse T12.

Hero Skill Change

Heroes will now be able to learn both the bronze and gold mastery skills for any weapon type they’re able to wield. This opens the door to some pretty cool builds now such as Marksman Jarl/Sensei and Adept Dancer – check this list to see what’s new to each class:

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Mundra can now bring Mundra items when coming to sell you something (so no longer just moonstones.)
  • Starter pack blueprints like Kunai are now available in the Antique Store at level 35 instead of needing to have played for 3 months.
  • XP drinks (the basic one) can now be found in high tier chests as well – with them being required to make Mythic XP drinks there’s a reason to really want them now
    • Sunken Chest = 4 XP drinks
      Bleak Chest = 5 XP drinks
      Molten Chest = 7 XP drinks
  • The amount of gems awarded from Tower of Titan was nerfed and they slightly increased the other rewards. Unfortunately we don’t have the new data for this change.

And that about covers it. Go forth and cook/bake to your hearts content.

Appendix: Data Tables

Dragon Invasion Milestones

Ascension Track – Meals

On launch it will be possible to reach 30 stars.

Ascension Track – Desserts

On launch it will be possible to reach 30 stars.

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