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Update 14.2 Overview

Your guide to the gameplay changes in 14.2

Disclaimer: As part of the Kabam Creator Program we were given the chance to access a preview build of the update before it went live which is where the below images and information was obtained.


This article covers the features and changes that 14.2 has brought to the game. We’ve got an update to the 3 talent trees (including a significant revamp of the questing one) as well as some very welcome Quality of Life changes. Let’s get started.

Talent Tree Changes


Bartering only received a couple of minor tweaks in this update (to be fair it was in a pretty amazing state already.)

Warmart/Rogues R’ Us/Spell, Robe and Beyond

The 3 talents that affect the type of customers you get (note that they do not affect total customer quantity, only the classes you will see) cancel each other out if you take all 3 of them. To help prevent players falling into a trap here the game will lock out the 3rd talent if you have any points in the other 2.

Little fancy warning pops up making it ultra clear you can’t take all 3.
Puts a padlock to let you know it’s a no-go.

Enchantment Establishment

Now affects the value of the enchants placed on the item, not the value of the item itself (and the amount it increases the value of the enchants has been increased.) This change was largely to fix an oversight that existed in the previous version – you could enchant a Tier 13 item using Tier 4 enchants and add lots of value, it was basically free money given how cheap those enchants are to craft.

Whilst this didn’t change the layout of the tree we’re including a picture so the table (which includes the value changes) makes sense :P.

Pricn = Points Required In Connected Nodes

10Energetic5Maximum energy is increased by +10/20/30/40/50.
25Charismatic5Every sale grants an additional +2/4/6/8/10 energy.
35Double or No Deal5City workers have a +10/25/40/60/100% chance to bring twice as many items. Does not apply to resource workers.
45Warmart2+100/200% chance for customers to be Warriors.
Note: You can only pick 2 from Warmart/Rogue’s R Us/Spell, Robe & Beyond.
55Rogues R’ Us2+100/200% chance for customers to be Rogues.
Note: You can only pick 2 from Warmart/Rogue’s R Us/Spell, Robe & Beyond.
65Spell, Robe & Beyond2+100/200% chance for customers to be Mage (spellcasters.)
Note: You can only pick 2 from Warmart/Rogue’s R Us/Spell, Robe & Beyond.
75Sound Sleeper5Generate +50/150/300/500/1000 energy per hour whilst offline.
84Cargo to Go5Trade slots can hold +3/6/9/12/20 items.
93Tax Not Included5Discounted items sell for +3/6/9/12/20% more.
105One-Day Delivery5Resource workers bring +50/100/150/200/300% more resources.
115Hyper5Maximum energy is multiplied by +2/4/6/8/10%.
125Friendly Favor3Champions request -1/2/4 items in exchange for Champion Coins.
135Cooking The Books1Completed bounties give +1 bonus trophy.
145Brand Loyalty5Customers have a +2/4/6/8/10% chance to surcharge themselves upon reaching the counter.
152Best of the Best2Items sold by workers always have +1/2 enchants on them.
165Royal Advisor3Suggest a different item to King Reinhold at x10/5/1 energy cost.
173Return of the King3King Reinhold has a +5/10/15% chance to return immediately.
185Enchantment Establishment5Enchantments on double-enchanted items are worth +3/6/10/15/20% more gold when surcharged.


The Crafting tree received a fair bit of help to make it stand out more for people who focus in it. Whereas before it was primarily focused on resource generation it now has some cool crafting modifiers as well. Many of the previously existing nodes have also been adjusted – some got buffed, others were merged, and some shuffles.

New Crafting Tree

Pricn = Points Required In Connected Nodes

10Bottomless Bins3Increase capacity for common resources by +5/10/20%.
20Tamas Alliance3Increase regen rate for common resources by +5/10/20%.
33Eco-Friendly3Increase resources gained when dismantling items by +15/20/25%.
43Mass Produced3Increases multicraft chance of tier 3/4/5 and below by 10% however they will always be normal quality.
53Mentorship3Worker experience boosted by x1.5/2/3.
63Warehouse Aesthetics5Increase capacity for uncommon resources by +4/8/12/16/20%.
73Forklift Certified3Increase inventory space by +10/25/50.
83City United5Increase regen rate for uncommon resources by +3/6/9/12/15%.
95Zero Waste5Crafting an item has a +3/6/9/12/15% chance to not consume resources.
103Reinhold’s Favored3Earn +5/10/25% bonus favor during the King’s Caprice event.
115Crafter’s Trick5Crafting an item has a +3/6/9/12/15% chance to not consume components.
125Just Wing It5Reduce the minimum worker level to craft a blueprint by -2/4/6/8/10. You still need to hire them first.
133Sigil Vigil2Fusions that result in Sigils and True Sigils create +50/100% more of them.
141Flawless Process2Fusions that create quality items require -1 superior/flawless equipment.
152Energy Infusion2Unlock the ability to rush fusions with energy for 100%/50% cost.
165Exotic Hoarder5Increase capacity for rare resources by +4/8/12/16/20%.
175Mystical Friendship5Increase regen rate for rare resources by +3/6/9/12/15%.
183Bare Essentials3Increase capacity for Essence by +5/10/25%.
193Extra Crafty1Gain +1 Craft Slot. Does not increase the cost of craft slots you don’t own.
203Waking the Dead3Increase regen rate for Essence by +5/10/25%.
213Duplication Glitch3All items gain a +2/5/10% chance to multicraft.
223Legendary Craftsmanship2Increases the chance to craft Epic/Legendary by 3x.


Basically got a complete revamp.

Booster = XP boosters, Power boosters and Compasses.
Pricn = Points Required In Connected Node

Questing Talent Tree
10Treasure Hunters3+3/8/15% chance to find a bonus chest in quests that can drop them.
20Common Farmer3Increase quantity of components found by +5/10/25%.
30Booster Refunder3+5/10/20% chance to refund a booster if the quest it was used on is successful.
45Ashley’s Drive3Reduces the quest time for Boss quests by -5/10/25%.
53Argon’s Finest5Heroes that you hire start at level 5/8/10/13/15.
65Bjorn’s Trails3Reduces the quest time for Flash Quests by -10/25/50%.
73Raiders of the Lost City3Increases the amount of pure gold found during Lost City of Gold by +5/10/25%.
83Artifact Takers1Lost City of Gold quests will also drop Golden Artifacts, Opulent Jewels and Platinum Bangles. Keybearers will drop them in bigger stacks.
93Freyja’s Prayer5Rest time for heroes reduced by -5/10/15/20/25%.
103Defenders of the Kingdom3During Dragon Invasion gain +5/10/25% bonus Airship Power from items and heroes.
113Extra Questy1Gain +1 Quest Slot. Does not increase the cost of quest slots you don’t own.
125Roadside Wholesale3Gain +30/40/50% merchant xp for overflow quest rewards and increases their value by +5/15/25%.
135No Stone Unturned3In basic quests increases the chance of finding a bonus reward to +80/90/100%.
143Shiny Only3R1: Quality drops will be at least flawless.
R2: Increases the tier of quality drops by +1
R3: Increases the chance of Epic and Legendary drops by 3x.
153Double Bundle5+3/6/9/12/15% chance to double the quantity of an equipment bundle found in quests.
163Coincidental Preparations5Any quest you start has a +3/6/9/12/15% chance to instantly complete. Does not affect rest time.
173On the Edge3-5/10/15% reduction to Extreme quest and rest times.
183Sia’s Touch5+3/6/9/12/15% Chance to DOUBLE component rewards found in quests. Affects unusual components like Moonstones and Runestones, but not Pure Gold.
195Key to Success5When you find a key in a quest there’s a +5/10/15/20/25% chance to find a second copy.
205We Be Lootin’3Polonia has a +30/60/100% chance to steal items one tier higher than her cap.
215Nemesis Returns3+5/10/20% chance for a boss to respawn immediately after defeating it.
225Titan Attunement1The final boss in Tower of Titans will drop an extra soul.


If you play on PC you can now rebind the hotkeys. You can find this button in the settings screen.

XP Potion Menu

It’s now possible to use XP potions directly from the hero screen instead of needing to go into your inventory every time.

Skill Rerolling

A heavily requested feature by the community you can now when rerolling a skill pay 20 gems to keep the previous skill instead. This makes it much less risky when rerolling to try and improve as you know you can keep your current option (instead of rerolling into say Fast Learner and end up dooming your hero.)

Champion Balance Changes


Polonia’s stealing ability had some slight tweaks so as to fix the issues she was having previously (where she’d be stealing much lower tier loot than she used to and her love for Stormrend.) With this change the Polonia talent that buffs her steal tier now works correctly as well, allowing you to steal Tier 11 in places where you used to get Tier 10.

For example, Bleakspire Peak Medium now gives T11 reliably with the talent.


Hemma the necromancer who has this awesome power to drain the life from others to become more powerful and chooses to use the power to drain her allies instead of, you know, the mob trying to kill them has had her ability tweaked again.

Instead of draining the health and hopes of every other hero on the team she’ll now only drain 1 hero per turn (the hero drained is the one with the highest % of total health remaining.) In return the amount of attack she gains from this drain has been tripled so it works out as roughly the same damage she was outputting before.

Below are the ranks for her changed ability:

Empowering Drain (Rank 1)

  • Each turn, drain 10% HP from one ally, healing herself for 5 HP.
  • Hemma’s Attack increases by 20% for each drain.
  • +5% HP for the party.

Ghastly Strike (Rank 4)

  • Each turn, drain 9% HP from one ally, healing herself for 10 HP.
  • Hemma’s Attack increases by 25% for each drain.
  • +10% HP for the party.

Necromantic Spear (Rank 7)

  • Each turn, drain 8% HP from one ally, healing herself for 15 HP.
  • Hemma’s Attack increases by 30% for each drain.
  • +15% HP for the party.

Consume Essence (Rank 11)

  • Each turn, drain 7% HP from one ally, healing herself for 25 HP.
  • Hemma’s Attack increases by 35% for each drain.
  • +25% HP for the party.

Visual Effect Changes

The graphics quality slider now also affects the amount of particles displayed by different game effects (higher quality = more particles.) Here is ~30 seconds of gameplay for each setting of the slider with the enhanced vfx setting turned off:

Miscellaneous Changes

  • You can now view the regeneration rate of your resources by tapping the resource icons whilst in your shop:
  • You can refund talents for gems even if you have a refund token (helpful when you only have a few points in a tree and don’t want to waste a token.)
  • Brand Loyalty will no longer trigger on customers who request an out of stock item nor will it trigger on King Reinhold (cause you can’t surcharge the king it was kind of weird this happened.)
  • A tentative fix for the vanishing chat messages.
  • Overcapped Evasion works correctly again in Extreme quests.
  • Leaderboard banned players no longer take up a slot on the leaderboards and their contribution no longer counts for event leaderboards. Here’s an idea, make it so their invests don’t count unless the only players in their guild are also leaderboard banned so the rest of us can play fairly in peace.

And that about covers it. Go forth and be talented once more!

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