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Update 16.0 Overview

Your guide to the gameplay changes in 16.0

Obligatory Legal Notice: As part of the Kabam Creator Program we were given the chance to preview the update before it went live which is where the below images and video footage were taken.


This article covers the features and changes that 16.0 has brought to the game. We’ve got a new tier, a new dungeon, a new worker mechanic and some other changes to cover.

This guide is also available in video form – both the video and this guide cover the same topics/information (with the exception of the data in the appendix section), pick whichever suits you best.

And with that out of the way, let’s get started.

Tier 14

Reiga note: the numbers in this section are all from a blueprint line that has not been advance researched.

The main headline feature of this update (and has been long awaited) is the introduction of Tier 14. We have a total of 38 new blueprints – 32 for the base crafting lines and 6 from the new dungeon chest.

There is currently no new Mundra blueprint, this may change in a later update. Likewise the elements and spirits are not here yet either they’re confirmed for a future update too. Let’s take a look:

We’re still using 3 workers per blueprint with the primary worker now having a requirement of level 36 (this also ties into the advanced research mechanic, more on that later in the guide.)

There is no new resource or sigil for tier 14, it’s just an increase in the resource amount used compared to tier 13 as well as a significant increase in craft time (which can be mitigated by advanced research.)

The new component you can see comes from the new dungeon Elysium which we’ll all get to know very intimately over the next year or so before tier 151. Let’s now take a look at the milestones:

Nothing unexpected to see here. As with tier 13 each item requires 45 crafts to master which is always welcome. A fair few of the baseline prints have a way to remove their non-Elysium component requirements too which makes for an easier craft (presuming you can farm Elysium anyway.)

As before when Tier 13 was released Kabam have reduced the crafting costs of Tier 13 baseline items to compensate for them losing a milestone (as one milestone gets converted into a “unlock the next tier blueprint” one.) You shouldn’t notice any increase to tier 13 craft costs from what I was able to see.

It’s the usual fare again with ascension as well. There was no extension to the ascension tracks in this update though we might see an extension for stones when the new enchant stuff drops.

We’re now at 120 shards per ascension star on a tier 14 blueprint cause for some reason this number must always increase each tier. They also cost 250 research scrolls to unlock (with 3 exceptions: the familiar and aurasong cost 300, the meal costs 200.) Presuming you own all the premium workers you’ll looking at the following for the unlock/fully ascend baseline costs:

8,050 Research Scrolls
11,520 Ascension Shards

Their gold values scale from around 10.25m to 14.55m pre-1.25x milestone meaning there’s lots of money to be made here.

Rush & Surcharge Costs


As you can see they are a little bit expensive to energy rush to completion.

More Lots

And it takes a lot of energy to surcharge them as well.

Fortunately for us however there’s a way we can help reduce these costs and that’s with the new Advanced Research system.

Advanced Research

Advanced Research is a new mechanic which allows you to take your tier 14 crafting to the next level. To unlock this feature you need to unlock the base tier 14 blueprint2 for the line you wish to research and the primary worker for that line needs to be at least level 36.

Once you meet the requirements tap the new Advanced Research button on the worker screen (or via their building) and you’ll be taken to this shiny new screen:

Each worker has one of these screens covering the item lines they are the primary worker for. For every item line you can reduce the crafting time and the amount of energy required to surcharge tier 14 blueprints from that line and increase the amount of merchant xp you earn from all tier 14 items.

The catch? Need to hand over the research scrolls & gold, or gems.

Advanced Craft Speed
Reduces the craft time for tier 14 blueprints in that item line by 50%.
Cost: 50 Research Scrolls and 500M gold or 300 gems.

Advanced Surcharge
Reduces the amount of energy needed to surcharge tier 14 blueprints in that item line by 10%.
Cost: 150 Research Scrolls and 1G gold or 500 gems.

Advanced XP
Increases the merchant xp from all tier 14 blueprints (so not just that specific line) by 10%.
Cost: 250 Research Scrolls and 2.5G Gold or 1,000 gems.

  • The milestones for a line have to be unlocked in order (so craft speed then surcharge and then merchant xp.) Not allowed to skip ahead sorry.
  • If you use gems to unlock you do not need the research scrolls.

If you wanted to unlock everything with gold and scrolls for tier 14 then (including the cost to unlock the prints themselves) you’re looking at

22,450 Research Scrolls
128G Gold

Or alternatively if you just gem all of the advanced research stuff:

8,050 Research Scrolls
57,600 Gems.

You can of course mix them, so you could unlock say the first milestone with scrolls & gold and then gem the others.

Whichever way you decide to go about this, it’s going to involve parting with lots.


Elysium is our new heavenly hang out spot for tier 14. It requires merchant level 64 to unlock. As for the cost, well:

As of this update elemental barriers are being removed from all easy, normal and hard non-boss quests and that includes Elysium so you’ll only see them if you attempt extreme difficulty or the boss. The barrier types for Extreme quests are Water, Dark, and Earth for the components and Dark for the boss.

Quest Barrier Strength
Elysium Extreme 180
Elysium Boss (Easy) 190
Elysium Boss (Medium) 200
Elysium Boss (Hard) 210
Elysium Boss (Extreme) 210

In terms of drops we were able to get a rough idea of what to expect -though much more data is going to be needed to be precise (we’ll have a section the STC discord for people to submit data for.)

We’re looking at roughly:

  • Easy – T11 to T12
  • Medium – T11 to T12 (primarily T12, very rare to see T11)
  • Hard – T12
  • Extreme – T12 to T13

Reiga note: Polonia can make T13 drop on Medium and Hard and can make T14 drop on Extreme (remember her ability has 2 parts – she doesn’t just steal, she also buffs the other slots.) It is more or less a certainty that Polonia can make T14 drop in Tower of Terror (that is, a chance to make T14 drop, not guaranteed it’ll always be T14.).

Misc changes/info

  • Another attempt at making City Workers obey some rules. Let’s see how this try goes :D.
  • Polonia can now steal up to Tier 11 (and Tier 12 if you take the talent) breathing new life into trickster teams.
  • Some lines had their XP rebalanced because they were giving much more than intended.
  • The mid-tiers (so Tier 6 to Tier 10) now require less crafts to master.

And that about covers it. Go forth and craft items made from materials from the realm of the gods. Feel free to swing by our discord if you have questions about anything we wrote here/wanted to ask about the update.

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Appendix: Data Tables

Unlock Levels

The levels required to access some of the higher tiers on the market were rebalanced in this update.

Merchant Level Market Tier
56 11
59 12
62 13
66 14
  • Elysium requires level 64 to unlock.
  • Heroes need to be level 38 to equip Tier 14 gear.
  • Whilst the Inn and Tavern were rebalanced to fit Elysium their tick totals were not changed – if you have a max level Inn/Tavern before this update you should still be max after it.

Tier 14 Collection Book Value

There was no extension of the reward track for the Collection Book in this update.

Quality Points
Normal 18
Superior 18
Flawless 36
Epic 54
Legendary 90

Which means in total there’s an extra 6,912 points available for your Collection Book (not including chest blueprints.)


A list of all precrafts that are used for baseline T14 blueprints (so this list does not include any that might be needed for chest blueprints.)

Elysium Enemy Stats

Reiga note: There is a chance that either the hard or extreme version of the boss will have its defence caps changed (the numbers were accurate on beta but I reported it as being a bit weird Hard and Extreme were so close to each other) so keep that in mind when viewing these numbers. Everything else should be fine/untouched.

Below you can see STC Hub’s quest stat sheets for Elysium and the boss.

Divine Chest Loot Table

Not 100% certain if it’s a complete list but we think we saw pretty much everything. The chest can of course also give quality T14 items, just writing all those down would make the table a little bloated.

Name Quantity
Ascension Shards 70
Axe of Wroth (Axe Blueprint) 1
Champion Coins 28
Demigod Pinion (Component) 20-30
Divine Spark (Component) 20-30
Gold Compass 1
Heaume of Apotheosis (Helmet Blueprint) 1
Heaven's Crest (Component) 20-30
Mega Loot Bugle 1
Mega Power Booster 1
Mega XP Booster 1
Mega XP Drink 1-2
Might of the Earth (Amulet Blueprint) 1
Neptune's Domain (Ring Blueprint) 1
Perfect Moonstone 13-16
Perfect Runestone 13-16
Phoenix Feathers 2-3
Research Scrolls 70
Seeds 6
Silver Compass 1
Super XP Booster 3
Wrapped Whispers (Rogue Hat Blueprint) 1
Xolimnul's Fortress (Shield Blueprint) 1
XP Drink 7
  1. unless Kabam do a plot twist and tier 15 comes out in November or something
  2. the text in-game says a tier 14 blueprint so premium/lcog might count, I am unsure though.

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