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Update 16.1 Overview

Your guide to the gameplay changes in 16.1

Obligatory Legal Notice: As part of the Kabam Creator Program we were given the chance to preview the update before it went live which is where the below images and video footage were taken.

This’ll be a short article cause the update is pretty much the missing Mundra print and a slight rework of the ascension tracks along with some bug fixes but hey this gives me somewhere to post the new max ascension values.

This guide is also available in video form – both the video and this guide cover the same topics/information (with the exception of the data in the appendix section), pick whichever suits you best.

New Mundra Blueprint

Missing from the original T14 launch Mundra has a new blueprint for the tier – a helmet! Yay! We’re going places now lads!1

Ascension Track Changes

We’ve said goodbye to some of the pretty terrible ascension track rewards and got some cooler ones, albeit with the catch that the lines are now really long. Let’s take a look at one of the adjusted tracks – for this example we’ll be using the clothes line:

  • The node that used to refund sigils at 59 now also refunds true sigils as well. The text will be adjusted in a future update to reflect this.
  • Where we used to get a surcharge cost reduction for T11 blueprints (which came way too late to really be of use) we now get a flat -10 to the common resource cost for blueprints in that line. Not -10%, just -10 to be clear.
  • At 91 we now get a 10% surcharge energy cost reduction for that line instead of one that only applies to T12 blueprints (which, again, was way too late to be of use.)
  • The track is now extended past 108 – at 114 we get some dragonmarks and at 120 we get an essence cost reduction for that line.
This wouldn’t fit nicely so it gets its own section.
  • At 130 we get some gems and at 140 (the new standard line endpoint) we get a +2% boost to surcharge value for that item line.
  • Yes that’s a lot of stars to get there.
  • No, it’s not a bug that most lines cannot do that yet, it is designed for the future as they add more blueprints.
  • Check the appendix for how far each line can reach and what their endpoints are (certain lines are shorter.)


Alas, no new enchants yet, however they fixed a bug with the current ones (they were giving more stats than intended as of update 16) and they also made the lowest tier enchants require uncommon resources as well (your guess is as good as mine as to why this was changed)

Miscellaneous changes

  • They’ve hopefully fixed best of the best so it stops putting T4 enchants on the items so frequently.
  • Do you remember when I wrote this in the previous patch guide:
    • Another attempt at making City Workers obey some rules. Let’s see how this try goes :D.
  • Turns out they’re still not playing quite as intended and will be fixed in a future update.

And that about covers it. Like I said small update, the next one though should be a lot more interesting and lines up with Shop Titans’ 5th anniversary.

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Appendix: Data Table

Ascension Tracks

How many stars are required for all the item lines now and what the current max (at the time of this post) is. Note that stones and enchants did not receive an extension yet.

Item Line Max Possible Stars Max Required
Amulet 126 140
Aurasong 39 100
Axe 111 140
Bow 105 140
Cloak 63 100
Clothes 108 140
Crossbow 66 100
Dagger 117 140
Dessert 54 100
Familiar 39 39
Gauntlets 102 140
Gloves 96 140
Gun 78 100
Heavy Armor 108 140
Heavy Footwear 102 140
Helmet 114 140
Herbal Medicine 105 140
Instrument 39 100
Light Armor 105 140
Mace 108 140
Magician Hat 108 140
Meal 75 110
Potion 117 140
Ring 123 140
Rogue Hat 111 140
Shield 111 140
Shoes 108 140
Spear 105 140
Spell 126 140
Staff 111 140
Sword 114 140
Wand 78 100
  • Yes, meals have a shorter track.
  • Familiar is the only one you can currently complete2.
    • The familiar track does not have an essence reduction milestone, presumably due to how short it is3.
  • Good luck hitting the endpoint on instruments and aurasongs any time soon.
  1. it’s hard to get enthusiastic about it okay
  2. happy Jackal noises
  3. sad Jackal noises

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Fantastic overview, only thing that would have been better is if I had written it, as it could’ve been small post for a small patch written by a small man :P

Content pass with new BP (paid), new mundra BP (PAID). New line of ascension that no one can reach (Not even with money). I just hope Lcog doesn’t make this mistake and bring a paid NPC BP, or it will be P2W month.

As for the post, thank you very much for the table with the number of items in each category. Helps a lot.

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