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Update 17.0 Overview

Your guide to the gameplay changes in 17.0

Obligatory Legal Notice: As part of the Kabam Creator Program we were given the chance to preview the update before it went live which is where the below images and video footage were taken.

We’ve got quite a bit to cover this time unlike the previous update – new enchants, a new blueprint type, new furniture level cap and more! Apologies in advance if this looks disjointed in places, Kabam kinda went “yeah let’s add this here! and that there! oh and do this too!” which has made it a bit complicated to write about.

This guide is also available in video form – both the video and this post cover the same topics, pick whichever format you prefer.

Artifact Blueprints

First hinted at during the Tamas preview video earlier this year artifacts are a new type of blueprint which have some unique features that make them really stand out:

  • There are lesser (T8-9) and greater (T14) artifacts.
  • They’re stronger and more valuable than other blueprints of that tier.
  • They each require their own unique component.
  • They all have a special and cool effect that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • A hero may only have 1 artifact equipped at a time.

We’ll cover how to acquire them and the components in a moment; for now let’s start by looking at the ones that’ll be added in 17.0 (note: there are 2 more greater artifacts to be added which were not available in the preview build.)

Greater Artifacts


+200% Critical Hit Damage.
Critical Hit Chance is set to 20% and cannot change.

Torc of Peace

+20% Health
+10% Evasion
Equipped weapons grant no bonuses.

Armor of Invincibility

Item cannot break.

Minor Artifacts

Pickaxe of Greed

User deals 2x damage against Golems, Keybearers.

Grimar’s Collection

This item’s collection value is 5x higher than normal.

Lone Wolf Cowl

+40% Attack
+40% Defense
Nullify effects this Hero receives from Champion Skills.

Rei note: Boost applies to stats outside of combat too.

Artifact Chests

The artifact blueprints can be obtained from the newly added artifact chests. There’s 2 types – minor and major (guess which contains which.) The good news is you won’t have to worry about finding these chests – you have an infinite amount of them already:

Unlimited power chests

The bad news is getting the keys for them is significantly trickier than your standard chest (the amounts above were for testing purposes.)

  • You get 1 key for the minor artifact chest when you reach level 45
  • You get 1 key for the major artifact chest when you reach level 65
  • Keys may sometimes be available through events.

And that’s it, just those 3 sources. However, because these are chests you are able to use gems to open them – it costs 550 gems to open the Minor Artifact Chest and 1,000 gems to open the Major Artifact Chest. The chance to obtain a blueprint is slightly higher than your standard chest at 1% instead of 0.5%.

Rei Note: Normally this’d where I’d say check the appendix for the contents but these chests are being buffed before they go live – on the preview it was only 1% chance for a print and the other contents weren’t finalised yet.

Artifact Components

As you hopefully saw in the images above the artifact blueprints each have a unique component that’s required to craft them. You can obtain these either from the artifact chests or (and the more likely way) by running certain quests:

  • The components required for Minor Artifacts can drop in Chronos Ruins, Haunted Castle and Sunken Temple.
  • The components required for Major Artifacts can drop in Elysium.

Fortunately no data gathering project required this time around to get the drop chances – Kabam helpfully already provided it (though we will need to determine the quantities from the other bosses ourselves):

Tier 14 Enchants

After a couple of months of waiting the new tier 14 enchants have arrived and are awaiting you:

  • There are 6 new elements (as you’d expect) and 6 new spirits.
  • They each require 200 Research Scrolls to unlock.
  • They all add 4,000,000 gold to an item and have the same odds to enchant as Tier 12 enchants.

Element Enchants

There’s a new element for each of the main elements (so no gold one at this moment in time.) They give +35 element score on a non-affinity item and +45 on an affinity matching item. This makes it really easy to hit the 170 (or 180 for T7 class innates) needed for rank 4 skills and allows us a lot more flexibility with gearing1.

Rei note: Remember geomancers get a bonus for element score so they’ll still want water-matching pieces. Matching affinity also gives a bigger stat boost so don’t rule them out entirely.

Spirit Enchants

The more exciting part of an enchant update if you ask me. Let’s take a look at what we have available to us this tier:

Rei note: That Titan Spirit restriction wasn’t working on the preview. I did report it, it should be fixed before it goes live but mentioning it just in case.

Runestones and Moonstones

Rei note: Moonstones aren’t involved with crafting enchants as such but they will be used for T14 fusions (and it lets me gather the stone stuff in one place.)

There’s a new type of runestone needed for these new enchants – the Supreme Runestone2. Like usual you can craft these if you own Evelyn or they can be found on quests.

The ascension tracks for Stones, Elements, and Spirits have also been extended now (they were initially skipped in the last ascension update as, well, there was nothing new to ascend.)

Advanced Research is also now available for Stones, Elements, and Spirits. Because stones/enchants can’t be surcharged as such there’s no surcharge energy reduction research, just craft time reduction and merchant xp (these cost the same as they do for other advanced research lines.)

New Furniture Levels

Furniture can now be upgraded to level 25. Upgrading them continues increasing the bonus they gain at level 16 (so for example a level 25 counter will give +10% max energy.)

Just know that it’s not exactly cheap:

Merchant Level Loops

The level cap has been raised to 100 (which also means there’s 1 extra talent point available now, costs 2,000 gems if you want to gem it.) After that your next level will be 1 – you go round again basically with a fancier number banner. You keep all your unlocks and stuff so you don’t need to worry about that and you get to claim the level up rewards again (which are also increased when levelling the next time around.)

Now to sit back and watch the race for world first lvl 500 :D.

Shop Expansion Tuning

You can now convert any of your big expansions into an outdoor spot instead, giving you more space for your external decorations (cause let’s be real the front lawn was getting hella crowded.)

On the design screen there’s a new button called Edit Shop – tapping on this brings up the Terrain Switch menu where you can swap your expansions for grass/vice versa. Below is a video demonstrating the process:

Seed of Merit

Seeds of Merit allow you to raise the level cap of your heroes/champions – each seed of merit will increase the level cap by +1 up to a maximum of level 50.

This is great if you’re in a guild that hasn’t got a maxed out Training Hall or you want to power up some of your favourites. The only thing to be gained from doing this past level 40 is extra stats – there’s no new skill slots or anything awaiting you.

For the moment they’ll only be available during the 5th Year Anniversary Sale (starting on June 14th) but there will be a fusion recipe for them down the line.

5th Anniversary Celebrations

Shop Titans turns 5 on June 18th and to celebrate there will be a login calendar like previous years running from June 12th to June 18th – make sure to log in every day.

The webstore will also be giving away some free stuff from 14th June for 5 days – again make sure to claim this every day. We’ll send out reminder pings on our discord.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Aurastones, Desserts, Instruments, and Meals have a shorter ascension track now (it was pretty bad before, you’d be looking at 5+ years to be able to max some of them out.)
  • Crispy Roast Duck got nerfed which, I’ll level with you, waiting nearly a year before nerfing a blueprint is one hell of a slow turnover, moreso when it was pointed out when it released it seemed a little bit too strong.
  • Dragon Invasion now gives twice the amount of dragonmarks than it used to (no increase in difficulty, just the marks being doubled.)
  • Some items got their affinity changed or gained one to accommodate the new spirits.
  • The barrier requirements for Elysium Extreme have been raised. We don’t have this number because on the preview build it was 200 and I suggested that might be too low so it’ll be higher than that at least. Same applies to the Elysium boss.
  • The cooldown on promo codes has been removed. Not sure why there was one to begin with to be honest they ain’t exactly common.
  • Velites can use Amulets (which allows them to run that sick new artifact one.)

And that about covers it. It’s quite the large update, go forth and hunt for these new artifacts3 and make new enchants!

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Appendix: Crafting Costs

Check out Neri’s Update 17.0 post on the Hub for the crafting costs of all the new artifacts/enchants/stones.

  1. in the distance you can hear Archmages and Praetorians cheering loudly
  2. guess what the new moonstone is called
  3. and cry when the chests betray you

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