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Update 6.0 Overview

A guide to the gameplay changes in 6.0

Author note: As part of the Content Creator program I was given the chance to preview the update before it went live, which is where all the pictures and video footage you see were taken.

This article covers all the gameplay features 6.0 has added to the game. Use the table of contents to skip to whatever you’re most interested in or settle down for a read.

New Workers

6.0 brings us 2 new workers – Sondra and Mundra (such creative names for the sun and moon dragons I know.) Both of these workers are tier 1 and follow the same tick requirements as the other workers.

Sondra can be unlocked once you hit lvl 27 and grants you the capability to fuse items (covered later in this post.)

Mundra is a paid worker. She will appear shortly after you unlock Sondra and offers the following advantages:

  • The ability to craft moonstones, an essential component used in Fusion
  • Additional blueprints for some existing item lines (no new item lines, just bulks up some of the old ones)
  • The ability to do Full Moon fusions at any time (we’ll get to fusion soon just covering this in order they appear in patch notes.)

All of the items Mundra offers come with a spirit enchant – Mundra’s spirit. This enchant grants the hero 20% ATK & DEF against bosses (note: mini-bosses do not count for this from what I tested/was informed.) Like the blueprints you get from chests, this spirit cannot be replaced.

Mundra’s Amulet: T3 Amulet, 28 ATK/89 DEF
Mundra’s Hornbow: T4 Bow, 194 ATK
Mundra’s Tabard: T5 Light Armor, 44 ATK/119 DEF
Mundra’s Scepter: T7 Staff, 350 ATK/5% Crit chance
Mundra’s Masher: T10 Mace, 490 ATK/24 HP


The main gameplay change of 6.0 is the introduction of Fusion – the ability to merge lower quality items into a higher quality one. Below is a video explaining this mechanic, I’m also going to write it out (there’s nothing in the video that isn’t in the below description and vice versa, I’m just trying to be more accessible.)


To begin fusing you will need 2 things – items of a lower quality than the one you wish to fuse and moonstones.

For example, using the picture above, if you wished to fuse a flawless quality Squire Sword (for that amazing king bait,) you’d need 5 superior quality Squire Swords in your inventory and 2 Lesser Moonstones.


Moonstones come in 3 different tiers (4, 7 and 10):

Which tier you require depends on the tier of the item you’re trying to fuse (low tier items use lesser, high tier use greater etc.) Moonstones have multiple ways they can be obtained:

  • As a quest reward
  • From treasure chests
  • Grab bags purchased with guild coins
  • Crafted

If you want to craft Moonstones you need to purchase Mundra. They are very similar to runestones – depending on their tier they require herbs/oil/jewels (though you can ascend to remove the jewel requirement) They do not have an ascension track.

Fusion Process

Once you have all your materials gathered it’s time to fuse. To start, you need to click the fusion button (which can be found behind your craft button)

You’ll then be presented with the fusion menu. It’ll look incredibly familiar as it’s like the crafting menu, however you can only see items which you have at least 1 material for – this is because fusion does not use blueprints.

So because they don’t use blueprints this screen will look bare at times

At the top of the screen you can select the quality you wish to fuse and it’ll display your success rate. The success chances are:

Superior: 100%
Flawless: 100%
Epic: 100%
Legendary: 50%

On a failed fusion you will lose all the components involved so be sure you’re willing to take the chance. When you’ve decided on a quality, tap on your chosen item and a screen will popup asking you to confirm you wish to fuse that item. If you have enough components to queue multiple fuses of an item you can do so.

Once you’ve started the fusion process the items will appear in your craft queue. Each item being fused takes up 1 craft slot. For example if you have 7 slots, you could craft 5 items and have 2 fusing etc.

Note: Because fusion does not use resources, it is not possible to rush these crafts with energy – you can only use gems. When the process is complete, you click the item and it’ll display an animation showing if it was a success or failure, then award you the item (well, in the case of a failure it won’t :P )

Full Moon Fusion

Aside from fusing items into higher quality versions there is also Full Moon Fusion. These recipes allow you to fuse items usually found on your Special tab into much cooler things. For example:

As you can see in the picture above, you can convert chests into specific components, repair kits can be turned into golden artifacts, lower tier moonstones can be made into higher ones. But wait, there’s more!

Compasses can be converted into higher ones, stamina drinks into phoenix feathers, keys can be turned into chests (which means we can all finally use up our wooden key collections.)

If you look at the above picture you’ll notice there’s a circle with a green border saying “5+” in the requirements for the silver compass/super loot bugle. The number refer to the tier of the item it requires (in this case, it’s asking for tier 5 or higher item) and the border colour refers to the quality required (superior in this case, it will also accept higher qualities.) When you go to fuse an item requiring an item like this, you will be able to choose which item it consumes for fusion.

By tapping the arrows above the Mammoth rune, you can select any item in your inventory that matches the requirements.

So what’s the catch? Well with them being full moon fusions, they can only be fused on the day of a full moon in real life. When it is, a few things happen.

The fusion button will change colour, and an event symbol will appear, counting down how long left before the moon fades.

If you tap on the event icon this popup will appear:

Their art department is on point

You can access the fusing menu from that if you do not wish to use the normal method. If you tap on view info it explains the event:

Mundra’s ability changes during a full moon as it’d be inactive otherwise.

The event lasts for 24 hours from activation, it starts at the same time as other events do (00:00 utc+0, which is when your piggy drops.) That timezone is what will also be used to determine if it’s a full moon or not.

Think of it like another daily event, just instead of it running randomly each month you can figure it out in advance by looking at a lunar calendar.1

Alternatively for people who don’t wish to wait or have other plans for a full moon (for example they’re a werewolf), purchasing Mundra will allow you to fuse these recipes all the time instead of having to wait.

Oh and one final thing on Full Moon Fusion:

Well it wouldn’t be fun if I gave away everything. :P


6.0 has reverted the change in 5.2 where rounding was applied to surcharged items. We’re now back with our nice un-rounded numbers, meaning you don’t need to figure out if a titan ascension will increase your profit or not (also means writing that blog post before was kind of a waste of time but hey it shows the developers do listen to feedback.)

Welcome back!

Customer Flow Change

The amount of items required to maintain maximum flow has been reduced. From what I was able to test I believe the number now lies between 90-105, we’ll be able to narrow this down later.

Hero Changes

There are a couple of hero changes in 6.0. First, the minor one:

  • Slightly increased the power of the Dance of Blades skill

Dance of Blades now gives +100% ATK, +10% Evasion when at maximum power (the same stats as Antimagic Net.) Before this update it was in a weird spot as it was objectively worse than its rare counterpart so this is a nice change.

The bigger/more interesting thing is the change to mastery skills.

  • Heroes can no longer learn two different Mastery type skills (including Shield Mastery).
  • Epic Mastery skills (Adept/Marksman/Warlord) can no longer eixst together on the same hero, but can be learned alongside a Common mastery skill.

A long requested feature from the playerbase, you can no longer roll heroes that have more than 1 common mastery (so if you have a hero roll Sword Master for example, it can no longer roll Axe Master or Dagger Master etc in another skill slot.) This means if you do end up with a weapon skill it’ll lower the possible options for your later slots and removes the frustration of having mastery for 2 different weapon types on a hero.

The change to Epic mastery skills being unique means rolling heroes like Conquistadors should also be less annoying now (the pain of seeing both Warlord and Marksman as your third and fourth slot rolls was :( )

One more thing to cover since it’s hero-related:

  • Increased the drop rate of chests in all dungeons. Other drop categories are not affected.

So on the positive side, between this and the ability to fuse chests we should see a much bigger supply in circulation. This will help players who just target the bosses in lower dungeons as they tend to have many keys, few chests.

To compensate for the increased drop chance the odds of getting nothing in a slot have been lowered so this is strictly a buff according to Kabam.

Miscellaneous stuff

It’s now a lot clearer to players what the resource reduction milestones affect

  • The “Any Armor” category in King’s Caprice will now cover everything in that tab, not just the chest pieces (means it now matches the “any weapon” and “any accessory” categories.)
  • The bugs that allowed you to buy gear below the required merchant level, allowed you to rush furniture without level 10 friendship, and allowed you to spam guild requests have been fixed.

That about covers it. Go forth, fuse, break things!

  1. In the case of a blue moon we should see it run twice that month, and the next time a month won’t have a full moon isn’t until 2037 so I think we’re safe there.

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Mundras spirit buff. Does it apply to total attk and deff or just to that item like the reduced break chance spirit?

If to total then does it stack? Neck + chest = 40% to both?

As far as we’ve observed it’s a flat buff to that hero’s stats and it should stack. Having said that, it doesn’t look to be very viable for long-term use outside of Tower of Titans.

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