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Update 6.1 Overview

A guide to the gameplay changes in 6.1

This article covers the features/changes added to the game with 6.1. Whilst it’s on the smaller side in terms of new stuff, it did introduce some pretty big changes.


Blossoms are a new item which allow you to increase the seed cap on your champions and heroes to 80. The most potent of these is the blossom of vitality – being able to add another 40 base health to your heroes can be a pretty big increase to their survivability.

The tradeoff here is the cost of blossoms – they can only be obtained via a full moon fusion recipe (so you either need to own Mundra or wait for a full moon in the real world) and cost 10 seeds and a T5/Epic quality or higher item.

Priortise blossoming your titan souled heroes first but only after making sure your heroes/champions are already seeded (you could blossom your champions such as Donovan with the vitality one so he stops dying the moment an enemy says “boo” to him but it likely won’t give you as much as an impact as a hero would.)

Town Hall Rebalance

The biggest change in 6.1 was the rebalancing of the Town Hall so it now follows the same scaling as other tier 1 buildings. Before 6.1 having a Town Hall that allowed you to hold 20 members was largely exclusive to the top 30 or so guilds whereas now this can be achieved by so many more.

This increase in member cap for many has also led to significant progress on their building levels. For example, Nfidell (the guildmaster of Freeport Bank, the #63 ranked guild) had this to say on the matter:

The net result was basically levelling all of our lvl 16 worker/rss buildings to lvl 17 so its fantastic. We were sitting at 18 members with the next TH upgrade looming like a very large mountain (going from old lvl 14 to 15). We have just started getting our buildings from 16 to 17. we had knocked out Sondra, ether and jewel.

The update jumped us to TH 18 so we gained the 19th and 20th member slots plus 1st renown level. By adding 2 more people TH went to 19 and its only 1200 ticks from lvl 20. All the additional ticks levelled all but 4 of our rss/workers. 2 of them we’ve already gotten to 17. So we’ve got to finish off 2 more lvl 16 buildings and then we’ll likely go max TH. For us it feels like a HUGE fast forward.”

The guilds who reach/already had 20 members can now level the town hall further (to lvl 20) which increases the renown they can earn each week from bounties:

Prior to this change it was going to take a very long time for guilds to max out perks, this is has helped a lot towards that goal.

This change has led to a bit of an increase of recruitment activity in places such as world chat, discord, reddit and so on – hopefully we’ll see an improvement for in-game recruitment in future updates.

Caprice Changes

In this update King’s Caprice has been adjusted to lower the chance of his requests all requiring the same resources. This has been a source of many complaints in the past with this event – having multiple hours where all of the king’s requests would all require iron, or all require wood and so on. We should have a more fun experience now in future caprice’s.

Champion Requests

This change wasn’t listed in the official patchnotes for 6.1 – champions are now to request chest, luxurious and premium blueprints (that you own) when they come to your shop.

Previously they were only able to request baseline blueprints which meant certain items such as bloodvines would always spike in value whenever Yami was going to visit (champions visit your shop on a fixed schedule which you can find here.)

This increase in variety means that shouldn’t happen as often and with the champions now asking for items that can only be crafted and not found as drops, you may find yourself crafting prints you had previously ignored in the past.

Store/Pack Changes

The in-game store was updated in this patch to offer different items based on your progression – as you get further into the game it’s now possible to buy Polonia and Donovan coins as well as bigger packs of ascension shards.

There were also changes to some of the existing packs:

-The Yami offer now offers free recruitment of a ninja and a spellblade as well as more hero slots

-There are now multiple pet packs. The main pet power pack now offers gold instead of a unicorn and is much cheaper:

There is also a second pet pack

Pet Mega Pack:
250,000 Gold
350 Gems
Pet slot 3

Which is priced at $19.99. If you happen to be offered it I would very grateful if you could take a picture and send it to myself or Snype (contact details can be found in the footer.)

That about covers it for 6.1 – go forth, recruit, enjoy the fun of world chat!

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