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Update 7.0 Overview

A guide to the gameplay changes in 7.0

Author note: As part of the Content Creator program I was given the chance to preview the update before it went live which is where all the pictures you see were taken.

This article covers the features and changes 7.0 has brought to the game. Use the table of contents to skip to whatever you’re most interested in or settle down for a read.

The Collection Book

The main headline feature of the update is the Collection Book, a new system tied to the mastering of blueprints which comes with some pretty cool rewards.

To unlock the Collection Book you need to be at least merchant level 16 and have met Lilu. She’ll come into your shop and give you a copy of the book and an item that you have mastered to stick in it (the item she gives is the last item you mastered. Should you have no items mastered she’ll ask you to master an item instead and then provide you with a copy of it after.)

Let’s take a look at a page:

Each item type has its own page in the book (runestones and moonstones do not appear as they’re components, not items.)

Underneath each item of that type you can see your current progress towards completing its entry – a bar will show if you haven’t yet mastered the blueprint. If you have mastered the blueprint you’ll see 5 circles below it – each circle represents a different quality. Tapping on an item you have mastered will bring up a statistic display:

Each statistic is locked behind a specific quality – donating a copy of that item with that quality will reveal the number to you.

Clicking the donate button will bring up a window which you can well, donate from :P Enchanted items cannot be donated – you need to destroy any enchants on them first.

A completed item will look like this:

You can view the item in any quality if you’d like to see it glow in fancy colours. The statistics in some cases won’t be accurate but more of an estimation – they were not being tracked before this update so they have nothing to show.

A completed item can be used as vanity gear on your heroes (more on that later.) Each time you make progress towards an item by donating you’ll also increase your Collection Score, which brings us on to:


Note: Exact numbers can be found in the appendix at the end of this article.

The Collection Book has a reward track system similar to the ones used in Lost City of Gold and Tower of Titans.

As you earn score you’ll reach new milestones which give some interesting rewards. Aside from the usual gems, coins, ascension shards etc we’ve got some buffs to fusion and 2 new blueprints.

First up we have the 5% Fusion Speed buff. These stack and function like a secondary worker for fusion for calculation purposes. So instead of:

Fusion time = base * Sondra (percent based on his level)

We have:

Fusion time = base * Sondra * Fusion Speeds

There’s a total of 9 available giving a potential 45% speed buff to work with. Remember that fusion time can also be affected by crafting buffs like the guild boost.

We also have buffs to your success chance on legendary fusing. These are additive and with 4 available it’s possible to raise your success chance to 70%1.

Finally there’s 2 new blueprints exclusive to the reward track and, well, we know a good way to review them:

Impackt: Collection Book

Archivist Glasses (T8 Amulet)
210 DEF/35 ATK
172 Iron/46 Steel/2 Bronze Circlet/5 Chronos Crystal

An interesting amulet in that we have a tier 8 not requiring the use of a rare resource (that’s usually reserved for daggers.) It’s possible through ascension and mastery to completely remove the precraft requirement, making this a pretty attractive crafting option. Also a reasonable choice for your levelling heroes.

Tome of All-Knowledge (T11 Spell)
990 ATK/198 DEF
371 Herbs/108 Oil/36 Ether/1 Sigil of Spark/1 Archivist Glasses

From a crafting perspective: that’s a lot of Ether involved :P It has 2 ascension milestones that reduce it by 7 each so we can drop to 22 Ether. The value increase milestone is in the second mastery spot meaning you’ll need to craft at least 36 of them before you can start reducing the herb/oil costs.

There’s no way to remove the precraft involved, though as touched on above it’s not terrible.

From a meta perspective: yeah it basically blows every other spell out of the water meaning we say farewell to both Prayer Book2 and Druidic Grimoire3 in terms of best spell.

The only thing that’s really going to hold this back is the cost involved to acquire the blueprint – there are going to be few players who can craft this initially given that you require 20k points to unlock it4.

Final Score: 8/10

Vanity Gear

As hinted at by the developers in the April Q&A you can now alter the appearance of the gear on your heroes.

Tapping on the sparkly mannequin button will bring up a new menu where you can change the look of any visible hero items. To be able to use an item as vanity you need to have completed its entry in the Collection Book. You can choose what quality you’d like to emulate as well, or can also opt to have no item display in that spot if you prefer the natural look of the class.

Note that it is not possible to select no weapon as an option for display56.

Luxurious and Opulent Surcharge Change

The energy costs to surcharge the blueprints from Lost City of Gold was reduced significantly. Some examples (numbers provided are not including ascension reduction):

Luxurious Panacea: Was: 1,180. Now: 885.
Opulent Breastplate: Was: 2,765. Now: 2,075.
Opulent Heaume: Was: 2,895. Now: 2,170.
Opulent Armor: Was: 3,340. Now: 2,505.

This change should make surcharging opulents a lot more palatable and reduces the window for small talk backfires to screw you.

Player Profile Update

2 new categories were added to the player profile screen – you can now see how many bounty trophies they have and what their collection score is.

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • There are achievements relating to the collection book based on your score, fully completing an item etc. More gems is more gems.
  • I am unsure on how many more sigils you can now get from the Antique Store. I’ll have this number for certain in the near future. Update: I have been informed the amount was raised to 10.
  • Fusing moonstones during KC should finally give points. Been waiting for that fix for a little while now.

That about covers it. Go forth, master items, make your heroes look fabulous!

Appendix: Collection Book Numbers

Caution: incoming tables

So to start with these are the numbers required to hit each milestone on the Collection Book reward track:

MilestonePoints Req.Reward
11Free: 10 gems
RM: 5 gems
25Free: 5k gold
RM: 2k gold
310Free: 20 Research Scrolls
RM: 10 Research Scrolls
420Free: 25 Ascension Shards
RM: 10 Ascension Shards
550Free: 20 Lilu Coins
RM: 10 Lilu Coins
6100Free: 25k Gold
RM: 10k Gold
7150+5% Fusion Speed Bonus
8200Free: 25 Gems
RM: 10 Gems
9250+5% Fusion Speed Bonus
10300Free: 30 Research Scrolls
RM: 15 Research Scrolls
11400+5% Fusion Speed Bonus
12500Free: 30 Ascension Shards
RM: 15 Ascension Shards
13750+5% Fusion Speed Bonus
141,000Free: 100 Gems
RM: 50 Gems
151,250+5% Fusion Speed Bonus
161,500Free: 30 Donovan Coins
RM: 15 Donovan Coins
172,000+5% Fusion Speed Bonus
182,500Free: 50 Research Scrolls
RM: 20 Research Scrolls
193,000+5% Legendary Fusion Success Chance
203,500Free: 50 Ascension Shards
RM: 25 Ascension Shards
214,000+5% Fusion Speed Bonus
224,500Free; 500k Gold
RM: 250k Gold
235,000+5% Legendary Fusion Success Chance
245,500Free: 200 Gems
RM: 100 Gems
256,000Archivist Glasses Blueprint
266,500Free: 10m Gold
RM: 5m Gold
277,000+5% Fusion Speed Bonus
288,000Free: 300 Antique Coins
RM: 100 Antique Coins
299,000+5% Legendary Fusion Success Chance
3010,000Free: 50 Hemma Coins
RM: 25 Hemma Coins
3112,000+5% Fusion Speed Bonus
3214,000Free: 250 Gems
RM: 100 Gems
3316,000+5% Legendary Fusion Success Chance
3418,000Free: 250 Ascension Shards
RM: 100 Ascension Shards
3520,000Tome of All-Knowledge Blueprint

As you can see we need to hit 20,000 points to unlock all of the rewards. Let’s look at how we go about hitting that.

The points that you’ll receive for an item are based on both its tier and its quality – each tier has a base point value which is then multiplied based on quality.

TierBase Point Value
QualityPoint multiplier

Knowing these values we can also figure out the maximum amount of score you can earn from each tier. This table shows the values you can hit if you own everything (including the 2 blueprints from the reward track.)

TierPoints Possible

So you can hit the 20k threshold and have a bit of room to play with – for example you can get away with only mastering the base T11 prints, not needing to use the chest/opulent/pack ones.

If you are strictly free to play, only have all the blueprints from the chests/Lost City of Gold but haven’t bought any from the antique store, the numbers look like this (this includes the archivists glasses as you can hit that milestone on the way):

TierPoints Possible

We fall quite a bit short of 20k but we can hit nearly every fusion buff – we only lack one of the +5% legendary success ones. If we were to factor in owning blueprints currently available in the antique store:

TierPoints Possible

Although we’re still short of the final blueprint, we can get all the buffs for fusion. Given that the 18k marker is out of reach for now, we can save tokens by not buying any of the T10 blueprints from the Antique Store for the moment and focusing efforts elsewhere.

As more items enter the antique store this number will keep rising, and if/when we ever get a tier 12, that’d also help a lot.

The main thing to remember with the Collection Book is that it is not something you need to rush and finish; rather it’s something you can work on whilst progressing through Shop Titans.

  1. please note that 70% does not mean you’ll definitely get 7 successes in 10 fuses
  2. 9.79 Swan’s Edges
  3. 3.42 Swan’s Edges
  4. we did see an epic quality Tome drop from a Bleak chest during the beta but I wouldn’t rely on them as a source
  5. due to complaints from the Monk Union
  6. please direct your approval/dispproval of that joke to Kabam Jeremie, it was his.

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