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Update 7.2 Overview

A guide to the changes in 7.2

Author note: As part of the Content Creator program I was given the chance to preview the update before it went live which is where all the pictures you see were taken.

This article covers the features and changes 7.2 has brought to the game. 

Shop Frames

Shop Frames allow you to customise the pillars that make up your shop, giving you some new options instead of generic wood A. They can be found on a new tab in the Customise section and there are 7 to choose from (standard and 6 new ones):

Note: Royal Tomb costs gems. I’m wanting to say 750, forgot to note it down.

Wall Decorations

You can also purchase decorations to go on your walls now. All of these are available for gold and can be found under the Wall Decoration tab in the Furniture menu. Below is a picture of some of the ones you can buy (there’s many I didn’t show, camera was a pain on beta.)

On the topic of decorations, you can also buy a donut sign for your garden (a hint about a future update maybe?)

Luxurious and Opulent Chests

The Golden Chest was retired and split into two (it was getting a bit silly how many prints were in it.) Golden chests were converted to Luxurious Chests which, as the name states, contains all Lux blueprints. It costs 250 gems to open and gives slightly weaker rewards than the Golden Chest (25 ascension shards instead of 28 for example.)

The Opulent Chests were not available for testing so I cannot provide numbers there, though we know they have a base value of 2.5m:

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • Collection Book is a lot less awkward to donate to (it accepts enchanted items now for example.)
  • The “must buy within 48 hours to get a superior pack/flashback offer” rule was removed1.
  • Canid Helmet was increased in value but that wasn’t reflected on the test server.

That pretty much covers it. Go forth and redecorate!

  1. so it didn’t work for over a year, was fixed and after just over a month of being fixed it’s already being killed off

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