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Update 8.0 Overview

A brief look at what 8.0 brings to the game

Author note: As part of the Content Creator program I was provided with information in advance about the update, some of which is used in this article.

It’s going to be a brief one this time cause:
A) all the legal stuff means there wasn’t a beta and
B) Yumify kept complaining about me being awake at the early hours of the day.

Also means we won’t have many pictures but hey let’s see what we can do.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Content Pass

  • There’s a content pass for Avatar as part of this crossover, it has free and premium rewards (like the reward track in an event)
  • You advance along the track by doing special tasks for the event
  • Most of the tasks can be done for free but there’ll also be some that require premium stuff (think like the premium bounties that you can get at the minute)
  • It’s possible to complete the track purely as f2p
  • If you want the premium track rewards you need to fork over 1500 gems

Guest Champions

This patch sees the launch of the guest champion system. They’re quicker to rank up than normal champions but their coins can normally only come from them visiting your shop and the content pass.


  • Aang buffs your heroes similar to how Argon does and he’ll find elements when out questing.
  • Aang caps at 50% ATK and DEF bonus.
  • The element he finds will scale with the quest difficulty (no need to steal like Polonia)


  • Sokka gives an ATK and HP buff, increases components found and also buffs XP gained
  • ATK and HP buffs cap at 30%
  • Component buff caps at 75% more
  • Experience goes up to x2 (meaning in theory you could do level 1-10 in one trip to Barren Waste Hard. Needs testing.)
    Update: tested and confirmed working

New Pet: Momo

A winged lemur, Momo will only be obtainable whilst the content pass is running so if you want him make sure you get working on the pass. :)

Decoration Duplicates

You can now buy duplicates of most of the decorations in game. For me personally I’ve been wanting this feature for a loooooooong time so I’m happy to see it finally happen.

There are some exceptions to this:

  • Decorations that cannot logically coexist with duplicates of itself (such as the upcoming Sleepy Appa).
  • Decorations from Seasonal Collections. These however are available for purchase every year.
  • Miscellaneous exceptions (Worker statues and the Synthesis Vessel).

Misc Stuff

  • Another attempt at fixing flashbacks showing that players already own. Fingers crossed this time hey? :P
  • You can turn an opulent key into 5 opulent chests via a Full Moon Fusion.

That about covers it. I realise it’s a bit light on the content, doing the best I can with what I have. :P

Go forth and embrace the Avatar

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I don’t have a reply about this patch but my guild hates how someone can quit the game the guild has to make up how much that person invested in the guild buildings.It isn’t fair to the guild that needs to be changed.

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