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Update 9.4 Overview

Your guide to the gameplay changes in 9.4

Author note: As part of the Content Creator program I was given the chance to preview the update before it went live which is where all the images and video you see were taken. 

All craft and fusion timers are from a character with max level workers and a max guild craft speed boost.


This article covers the features and changes 9.4 has brought to the game. Use the table of contents to skip to whatever you’re most interested in or settle down for a read.

Tier 12

The main headline feature of this update (and has been long awaited) is the introduction of Tier 12. We have a total of 35 new blueprints – 28 for the base crafting lines, 6 from the new dungeon chest and 1 extra potion as Mundra’s new print. As with Tier 10 and 11 we have no new elements/spirits at the moment. Let’s take a look:

Still keeping with the 3 worker setup used in Tier 10 and 11 though with a noticeable increase in crafting time. The rare resource costs are getting quite high now, though 46 appears to be the cap at the minute.

You can see in the components required that we’re using sigils again, albeit a different version of them this time (more details on that later in the article.) The Raw Obsidian comes from the new dungeon added in the update. Let’s look at the milestones:

The interesting thing to note for Tier 12 is the very low amount required to actually master the blueprint – consider that before the adjustment in this patch Tier 11 required 100 crafts this is a pretty steep drop in amount required (I support this change.) As expected Tier 11 lost their secondary resource milestones to fit in the unlock ones for Tier 12.

The standard setup is used for ascensions. You can see we’ve jumped up to 80 shards per star now from 60, meaning 240 shards is required to fully ascend a Tier 12 item. They also require 125 Research Scrolls to unlock, so for fully unlocking/ascending Tier 12 you’re looking at:

3,625 Research Scrolls
8,400 Ascension Shards

Their gold values scale from around 2.4m to 3.5m pre-1.25x milestone meaning there’s a lot of money to be made here.

Energy Costs

As you may suspect there’s a bit of a cost involved here:

Just a bit of a jump from Tier 11.

Suggesting it is also expensive. Remember you can lower this by suggesting a Tier 1 of that type first and then suggest the Tier 12.

NOTE: It is not possible to suggest Tier 12 to every customer who walks into your shop. Some of them will be too low a level to purchase it, even if you have max shop expansions.

And a cool 3k energy to surcharge them (if you don’t have the milestone to reduce it):

Really brings home the importance of picking up the surcharge energy cost reduction from each ascension tree.

Sigils and True Sigils

You know, cause sigils weren’t fun enough. Introducing True Sigils:

I mean they work the same way sigils currently work, it’s just a fresh coat of paint and a slight name adjustment.

I was tempted to just copy/paste part of my 6.4 article here. It’s sigils round 2 but with all the nice adjustments made to them in the past year (you can see for example it gives 4 per fuse and they have alternative acquisition methods.)

Known sources of True Sigils

  • Fusing (pretty obvious ^^;)
  • Antique Store (if you own everything.)
  • Events (sometimes)
  • Fortune Zone (rarely)
  • Grab Bags (if you’re lucky)
  • Piggy (really lucky)
  • Quests – they drop in Cinderlake Volcano and Epsilon Tower (possibly the new LCoG difficulty as well, was not able to test that.)

As for the sigils required for Tier 11 (Lesser sigils? False sigils?) their fusion requirements were lowered (Tier 6 superior instead of flawless) and uses less moonstones in return for a reduced output.

Extended Ascension Milestones

As teased by the devs in the latest Q&A Tier 12 also brings an extension to the Ascension Track milestones. There’s 10 new milestones for each line (except stones and spirits/elements cause they didn’t get anything new.)


Stones and enchantments will be getting extended tracks after all, but the reward on them will be changing in future.

Behold! The finest work of joining pictures together that MS Paint can create!

The sigil refund only applies to the Lesser/False sigils. You don’t get more than one back on a multicraft and you won’t get one if the blueprint didn’t cost one.

The extra reduction in surcharge costs is very welcome, more so given how much energy Tier 12 calls for. However at the time of this post it’s not actually possible to hit that milestone in any line – Kabam have very much added milestones that’ll act as a long-term goal that’s not finished on patch release day.

The resource thing does change based on the line, there are some which speed up Ether/Jewel production. Honestly I’d just pick a couple of favourite lines and focus on them.

Elemental Barriers

Before covering the new quest area and tower let’s take a look at the new Elemental Barrier mechanic.

Every monster in Cinderlake Volcano (as well as Extreme difficulty enemies) has an elemental barrier protecting them. Whilst this barrier exists all damage dealt to the enemy is reduced by 80% (i.e. lots) To destroy it, you need to attack the enemy with a hero whose element-type matches that of the barrier.


As you can see in the above picture, we’ve got a slightly upset crab with a barrier around him. We can see the barrier’s health (350) and its element type (Water.) Let’s hit him with the Astramancer (Geo/Astramancer element is Water.)

Hammer go smash

You can see that along with doing damage to the enemy the health of the barrier has been reduced. Once we lower it to 0 all heroes will do their full damage.

The amount of damage you deal to the barrier is based on that hero’s element score (so if you have an element score of 90, you’ll do 90 damage to the barrier if you match the element.) A higher score means you do more damage which encourages the use of the affinity system even if you don’t have skills that call for the extra element points.

Due to them being able to wield any element, Spellblades will only deal 30% of their element total as damage to the barrier. Whilst that doesn’t sound like much, the flexibility of having an answer to any barrier means they’re worth considering for your roster.

You can see what element type you need on the quest setup screen (going to borrow a picture from the official patch notes here)

The barrier types are pre-determined and do not change. Anyone running Cinderlake Volcano for Crush Claws will be faced with a Water barrier on Easy/Medium/Hard (and presumably Extreme.) Note that only applies to that specific component – the other two components in Cinderlake have different elemental barriers.

Final note on barriers: Champions also have an element assigned to them now, allowing them to help cover any gaps you may have in your roster:

  • Argon: Light
  • Lilu: Water
  • Sia: Air
  • Yami: Dark
  • Rudo: Fire
  • Polonia: Water
  • Donovan: Fire
  • Hemma: Dark
  • Ashley: Earth

Cinderlake Volcano

Coming in at a cool 1G unlock cost, Cinderlake makes it mark as being the hottest place to be right now:

  • Lava so you can warm up
  • Fight pokémon knock-offs
  • Drops the components needed for Tier 12
  • And True Sigils
  • Oh and Tier 11 items.

Yes that’s correct, it can drop Tier 11 without needing a mini-boss. I started to see it when I reached Medium difficulty, will need testing to check for drop chances on Easy. I’ve not seen Polonia steal above T10 yet but I can’t say with absolute certainty that’s her cap.

The catch for wanting to access this beautiful wealth is the Elemental Barrier system which we just covered above.

With a new dungeon comes a new chest of course, introducing the Molten Chest:

It costs 600 gems to unlock if you’re not using a key.

Because Sicey was gonna ask for this info

Epsilon Tower

A long requested feature by some members of the player base, Tower of Titans now has a new level of difficulty for players who are level 67 and above. Each boss in here (so every third floor) has 3 modifiers, all the enemies have more health/damage than Delta and will have elemental barriers amongst them (note: the first Epsilon Tower will not have these barriers so players have chance to prepare their rosters for it.)

The loot drops inside Epsilon are pretty cool:

It can drop Tier 11
And True Sigils
And Tier 12

Delta -> Epsilon difficulty increase

Caution: rough math ahead (it was not feasible for me to get concrete data for each floor so primary focus was Epsilon Titan, however I did note down the health changes and the rough increase of damage.)

So in comparison to Delta the mobs in Epsilon have been given a significant increase in health. For example, Floor 21 in Delta the enemy has 350k health.

Floor 1 in Epsilon has that much health

And it gets sillier from here on upwards

The next few floors seemed to mirror the top end of Delta – floor 2 had 400k hp which is same as Delta 22, floor 3 had 450k hp which is same Delta 23 etc etc. After a couple more floors I did notice the HP was not scaling as high but the mobs were hitting much harder than their delta equivalents. By the time I got to floor 13 the mobs were hitting roughly as hard as the Delta Titan does.

In hindsight, Hemma was a bad call to take there

Final few floors is where it tries to go all out on you

Floor 27 casually whacking Argon for just over 200 damage
Floor 29 packing that 2m HP

And as for the titan himself, well:

Now I should stress that this was an Epsilon Tower that didn’t have the elemental barriers activated yet. I think once the barriers are on it’ll pose a fair fight to players but nothing super tricky – if you’re already chill farming Delta then you should be fine. If you find yourself struggling with Delta and are about to be put into Epsilon, perhaps try and rework your heroes a bit.

I did have an interesting incident on my first ascent:

Pictured: Jeremie’s response to Rei asking for harder content (2022, Colourised)

Rest assured that health amount has been fixed already. :P

Collection Book Table of Contents

Collection Book got a summary page to make it a lot easier for you to identify which sections you’re lacking in. There isn’t any new milestones from what I could tell (nor would I expect there to be, remember the book is a long-term project) but it’s a welcome addition anyway.

Borrowing from the official patch notes again

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • I didn’t get to test the new LCoG difficulty so your guesses are as good as mine on that.
  • Same with the guest champion.
  • Tavern and Emerald Inn now cap at 24,700 ticks (the same as a standard Tier 1 building.)
  • LCoG blueprints have a cool background now:

And that about covers everything. Go forth! Craft Tier 12! Break elemental barriers!

Appendix: Data Tables

Tier 12 Collection Book Value

There was no extension of the reward track for the Collection Book in this update (maybe in June for the anniversary? You never know.)

QualityPoint Value

Which means in total there’s an extra 4,200 points available for your Collection Book.

Elemental Barrier Types and Health

As I mentioned in the elemental barrier section each Cinderlake Volcano and extreme quest area has a pre-determined barrier set for it.

QuestBarrier TypeBarrier HP
Elven WoodAir150
Iron Pine ConeEarth150
Glow ShroomLight150
Troublin ChiefAir250
Silver DustWater200
Webbed WingFire200
Precious GemDark200
Yeti KingFire250
Living RootEarth200
Rustwyrm ScaleFire200
Deep PearlLight200
White SandAir250
Bronze FangFire250
Moon CrystalDark250
Evil EyeDark250
Silk ScarabWater250
Star MetalAir250
Greater AnubisLight350
Ancient MarbleAir300
Overgrown VineFire300
Chronos CrystalDark300
Cyclops LordAir400
Spooky EctoplasmLight400
Thread of FateEarth400
Ghastly PennantWater400
Tyrant KingLight500
Deep CoralFire450
Crystal LullabyDark450
Precious ShellEarth450
Mermaid QueenFire550
Grim TalonFire500
Zirconia EggshellAir500
Boreal GaleLight500
Harpy MatriarchEarth600
Crush ClawWaterEasy: 200
Medium: 350
Hard: 400
Extreme: ?
Raw ObsidianEarthEasy: 200
Medium: 350
Hard: 400
Extreme: ?
Magma CoreLightEasy: 200
Medium: 350
Hard: 400
Extreme: ?
Elder CrushtaceanWaterEasy: 200
Medium: 300
Hard: ?
Extreme: ?

Epsilon Tower Reward Track

Whilst there’s no guarantee it’ll stay like this, these are the rewards I got from the Epsilon Tower track:

3Free: 25 Sigil of Might
Paid: 10 Sigil of Might
6Free: 40 Ascension Shards
Paid: 25 Ascension Shards
9Free: 1 Perfect Skill Die
Paid: 1 Perfect Skill Die
12Free: 30 Hemma Coins
Paid: 15 Hemma Coins
15Free: 300 Gems
Paid: 150 Gems
18Free: 4 Perfect Skill Dice
Paid: 2 Perfect Skill dice
21Free: 40 Ashley Coins
Paid: 20 Ashley Coins
24Free: 60 Ascension Shards
Paid: 30 Ascension Shards
27Free: 25 Sigil of True Might
Paid: 10 Sigil of True Might
301 Titan Soul

Affinity Gear

The affinities found on Tier 12 blueprints. Not a complete list as there were a couple of blueprints I could not craft but I’ll get the finalised data from the site when the update launches:

Abyssal ArtifactShieldDark
Blackbeard's CannonGunWater
Boots of ZealHeavy Footwear (from Molten Chest)Light
Dawn Thief CowlRogue HatLight
Dawn Thief UniformLight ArmorLight
Dawn Thief's PathLight FootwearLight
Dawn Thief's TouchGlovesLight
Exarch MitreMagician HatLight
Exarch RobesClothesLight
Garb of the PrimordialClothes (from Molten Chest)Earth
Godslayer ArbalestCrossbowLight
Herald of the EndWandFire
Phoenix CrestMagician Hat (from Molten Chest)Fire
Quintessence PurityPotion (from Molten Chest)Water
Scepter of XolimnulStaffDark
Shroud of the LostLight Armor (from Molten Chest)Dark
Sixth SinDaggerDark
Swindler's FingersGloves (from Molten Chest)Air
The Bound BeastSpellDinosaur
Vermillion Guard GreavesHeavy FootwearFire
Vermillion Guard HelmHelmetFire
Vermillion Guard MightGauntletsFire
Vermillion Guard PlateHeavy ArmorFire

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