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Valentine Giveaways

Some more chances to win gems!

This giveaway has finished.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Kabam for providing the prizes for these giveaways.

As part of the celebration for Valentine’s Day I’m holding a giveaway where you can win 1,0731 gems. To enter is simple, you can either:

  1. Leave your in-game name and #number as a reply to this post
  2. Dm it to myself or Snype (contact details are in the footer)
  3. Email it to the site email (again, details found in the footer.)

You can also gain 1 additional chance to enter by participating in the games on our discord server and buying a ticket – our discord can be found here. The winner will be chosen at random on February 24th and will have their id forwarded to Kabam who will handle the gem delivery.

Please make sure to include both your name and id number and that they are spelled correctly.

Other content creators are also hosting giveaways which you can enter:

Vuaux is hosting a Valentine’s fashion show on the STC discord.

Sho is also hosting a giveaway on the STC discord where you can show your appreciation for another Shop Titans player.

Turpy the trivia master will be asking a special set of questions about the game lore for another giveaway. You can enter that by clicking here. If you have any questions or issues you can reach out to her on discord: Trivial Turpy#9673

Skyraa and the facebook fan page are hosting an elaborate Valentine’s contest – you can find more details on their facebook page here.

Other content creators have also been given a chance to host giveaways, I will update this post if/when I know more.

So if you were lucky enough you could potentially win over 5,000 gems :P

Good luck!

  1. which spells love according to Kabam Tulip. Take it up with him.

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