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Winter Shop Giveaway

Here’s a chance to win 2,000 gems!

Disclaimer: Massive thanks to Kabam for providing the prize for this contest (and extra thanks to Kabam Tulip.)

Keeping in line with the season and the new pack, for this giveaway I want to see your best winter-themed shops. Show me your snow themes, your Christmas themes, whatever to you says “winter”. Let your imagination run wild!

To enter, submit your shop picture and your in-game name and id number through one of the following methods:

  • Post a comment below with your id and a link to your shop picture
  • You can message Snype or myself on Discord (SnypeX24#7998, Reiga#4142)
  • You can email it to the site address (please make the topic “Winter Shop Contest” if you do this route):

Entries will be accepted until December 23rd 00:00 utc+0. At that point a judging panel consisting of the site staff and a special guest will look and vote upon all valid submissions. The winner will be announced on December 26th in their own blog post which will also include the winning design. They will have their id passed to Kabam who’ll arrange the gem delivery.

One entry per person only please. Please also make sure to include your in-game name and id number, and really make sure it’s spelled correctly.

All valid entries will be viewable on the ST-Central discord for the duration of the contest.

Good luck!

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