Impackt: Ancient Gods

Leaping from Athens to Sparta in a single pack

Zeus Thunderblade (T13 Sword)
Golden Fleece (T7 Light Armor)
Ancient Amphora (Indoor Decoration)
Parthenon (Outdoor Decoration)
Athena’s Dress/Medusa’s Snakes (Avatar Items)


Nothing really worth noting outside of it has pretty lacklustre milestones compared to other t7 light armour options.

From a crafting perspective

The precraft required for the thunderblade can be ascended down to normal quality, making it only a minor issue when it comes to crafting. The bigger issue it has is that we’ve had lots of metal blueprints recently and frankly they would be better for your metal slot – either they can 0 out the essence needed or don’t have precrafts.

If you don’t have the Mecha pack prints/Black Friday dinosword/Plasma Saber then okay not a end of the world choice if you have to craft it I guess.

From a meta perspective

This is just a flat upgrade from the Plasma Saber that we got earlier in the year and becomes the new best-in-slot sword option for your heroes. Anywhere you’re using Plasma Saber can be swapped to this for an upgrade in damage and survivability.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Caduceus (T13 Wand)
Hermes Sandals (T13 Light Footwear)
Mythological Print (Wallpaper)
Marble of Myth (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Although they use a slightly higher than baseline essence amount the Hermes Sandals are great when it comes to component use – you can ascend the eye down to 2 and the use of bat wings for its secondary component makes it a fairly cheap craft to create.

From a meta perspective

It’s another pair of shoes! Which you’d think would have evasion given all the wings and stuff but apparently not.

Anyway, these are your best survival footwear option now for most classes who can use them. It takes the place of the Platinum Shoes which is fantastic as it’ll be a lot cheaper to repair/replace should they break.

From a crafting perspective

Fun fact: the last time we had a current max tier pack wand that uses wood was back when tier 10 was the highest. Kind of a relief really, last thing we need is more metal blueprints.

Ascension can remove the grim talon component completely giving us another print that’s not terrible on the component cost front. Wood options have been a bit scarce recently so this isn’t a bad pick up.

From a meta perspective

Fantastic for Bishops as the light affinity frees them up from running Elysium Halo. Wands are in a bit of a tricky spot at the moment as instruments look like they will outclass them in terms of raw damage, but for the non-instrument classes that wield wands this is a great choice.


  • Hey we finally got an Imperial III pack
  • A new best-in-slot sword, wand and shoes.
  • And some fantastic looking flooring.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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